Thursday, July 31, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Most of our girls

I just returned from camp this past week and I was truly impressed with the strength and testimonies of our Young Women.
Yes, they are 12+ yrs old, have endless energy, and talk about nothing but boys and music, but put them in a beautiful environment with no ipods, cell phones, boys etc... and these girls show who they are on the inside.
We were spoiled this year because camp was held up in Heber Valley at the church owned property. The girls stayed in cabins with outlets, bathrooms, showers, and electricity. There were a few who thought even those conditions were "roughin it". They have NO IDEA!!!! We will have to show them the true meaning of camp next year! hehehe
The theme for camp was B.O.O.T. CAMP "Building our own testimonies".
As we arrived on Monday we quickly realized that we were one of the smallest wards (made up of 10 Young Woman). Other wards had as many as 40. Don't be deceived though our 1 0 girls had more spunk and spirit than some of the wards with40 plus girls, and we had a fabulous time making up creative cheers and unique skits.
I love being in Young Women's and I absolutely love the girls. They have taught me so much and continue to teach me every single time I am with them. I look forward many, many more great memories.

Our hike ended at a beautiful lake where the girls canoed and the leaders were in the paddle boats.



Cortney our newest beehive showing us her skills on the tight rope (they had to climb this huge tree, and then tight rope across to another tree, and then repel down). She rocked the challenge course.


Brainstorming our upcoming cheer



This is the trail of leaders on the hike just from our ward. I swear there were more leaders than girls this year that came up to camp. It was a blast!!!


Waiting patiently for lunch (we were the last ward to be called).

I have much more to tell and show but I am still waiting on a few pic. so I will have to do this in two segments.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

MEMORY LANE- This will be fun!
This is just too fun to pass up.
Here are the directions:
1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember! I guess good or bad but be nice!!!!!!!
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Its been an incredible run!!

Today is Garrett's and my 5Th yr anniversary, and some of you, as do we may experience that when you have kids and busy schedules sometimes these important moments go unnoticed. Not intentionally of course but its just trying to fit in another date, or vacation.
So as our busy day goes on today I wanted to say to Garrett its been a great ride thus far, and I look forward to many many more unbelievable moments.
Garrett you are the best friend I have, and the greatest father. I love doing absolutely anything with you (racing, camping, hiking, skiing, tennis, reading, etc...). Time flies and I am truly blessed to have found you. Thank for holding out and waiting for me to come along. (I know your parents were a little worried, boy did you prove them wrong)! I hope it was worth it. I know it was!!!

At this time in our lives we have:
* Lived in three different places
* Changed jobs two times
* Had two children (Kenedy 3, Gavin 9 mo.).
* Traveled to Hawaii, Mexico, Eastern Caribbean, Cherry Hill (hehehe), lots of camping, New York and U.S. Open (three years in a row), Sun Valley, Brian Head, Jackson Hole, California, Arizona, and more that I can't remember right now.
* Lots of laughing and crying (on my part), enjoying simpler pleasures and any addition sleep we can squeeze in.
These past years have flown by and I feel like I am still getting to know you. Thank goodness I have you for eternity because it may take that long to figure it all out! I love you babe!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Three is the Magic number

As a child I don't remember my birthday lasting more than one day, but it seems to me that these days when a child's birthday comes around its a week of Fun and partying all in your honor.
This was the case for sweet Kenedy who turned 3 on July 12th. For those of you who don't know Kenedy or haven't seen her lately her are a few favorites right now in her life:

* She loves chocolate milk, it is a staple in the Maudsley diet.
* She enjoys making me pumpkin pea pie soup from the tub, and insists that I really drink it and not just pretend.
* She loves animals, most of all right now she loves elephants and cute cuddly dogs names "Bacon".
* She loves to sing in the car and dance to entertain Gavin.
* Kenedy loves books and after a few times of reading them she has them memorized (she will actually tell you if you skip a word, or page in a story).
* She loves veggies, specifically peas from Grandpa's garden (On Sat. morning they sat down on the kitchen floor and ate oodles of peas together for breakfast)!! thank you Grandpa Mike.
* She loves her friends and family and loves to tease with Grandma Jo!
* She loves to hang out in her princess undies and would all day if I let her.
* She loves the water in any form such swimming, boating, shower, tub or if worse comes to worse the sink.
* She loves to take care of people and always asks if "Your OK".
* She absolutely loves to go to church, to see her teacher Connie in the nursery!

Her birthday bash started on Friday where she had friends over for an Under the sea/Littlemermaid party.





That night we went up to Garrett's parents to sleepover because Garrett and I were running a 1/2 marathon the next morning. She and Gavin spent the morning playing with Grandma and Grandpa,(such activities included trimming and sweeping the grass up, walking the balance beam or curbing of grandma's flower beds and riding her scooter in the driveway). This was followed by a parade and festival.
All day Kenedy had been talking about riding pony's so we headed down to Thanksgiving point and played at the petting zoo, and saw the movie Kung Fu Panda (I really enjoyed this movie, actually we all did)!!!

Then to top things off Grandma Sydney threw a party for her on Sunday full of gifts, food, and lots of candle blowing (who needs gifts when you can just light candles and let them blow them out over and over).



We are so blessed to have Kenedy in our lives and we had a great time celebrating her Special day, Love you Peanut.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Much needed R&R

After the crazy holiday weekend we were in dire need of some down time, So on Sunday we did just that, we slept a lot and read some, and then slept some more. It was exactly what the doc. ordered. Now feeling quite refreshed we went to my parents house where we played ultimate Frisbee & soccer along with lots of YUMMY food. With that being said and done I am ready for some more FUN!!! Bring it on.
I hope everyone else is beginning to recover. It was great to hear about your exciting 4th of July of experiences!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July Festivities

This weekend was so jam packed I don't know if we will EVER recover, but what a party it was with lots and lots and lots of good food, family and fun!!!!
We started the day at our ward breakfast and parade at 8:00 am. We then met up with my sister Tenille and her family for a fun parade in her in-laws neighborhood. From there we met some friends in Park City to watch a rugby match (his old rugby team Hagis was playing Park City). With sticky hands and faces from cotton candy, suckers, and super sleepy eyes we headed down to my moms house for a BBQ and fireworks in Sandy. After fireworks were over we felt we needed to do a little bit of our own (compliments of Jake and Chelsea). FYI-The fireworks are never as exciting as described on the box. We waited for this huge one to do something totally awesome only to be sorely disappointed by spraying sparks repeated over and over. Oh well!!! We then set up tents in the back yard for a family sleepover complete with a fire pit, burning marsh mellows and lots of talking.
Its not over yet, in the morning we had an awesome breakfast with everyone and packed up all of our gear and headed home for a shower and a nap.
Later that day Tenille invited us to the West Jordan Rodeo.For those of you who know the Williams family know they never quit. They don't get tired and they love to do anything and EVERYTHING! Its always a party when you are with them. So we tagged along for another late evening of sheer entertainment and FUN!!! The kids loved the bull riding, and the clowns, and I loved the "Muttin riding". We finally packed the kiddos in the car around 11:30(after another round of city fireworks) and made our way home. We had a wonderful time celebrating our free, beautiful country with the people we love most. I can't wait to find another excuse to party with you guys again, its always a blast!!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Open mouth and insert foot!!!!!

I had to quickly hop on and document this little situation that happened to me today. I am posting this more for my sake than for anyone reading it.

Let me just tell you how the morning started out:
Both kids woke up at 6:00 am. and were ready for breakfast and playtime.
Followed by baths, two outfit changes for Gavin (diaper blowout), princess dress ups and dropping Garrett off at work. I then rushed to find Birthday invitations for
Kenedy's birthday ( which is next week). I totally spaced it and now I am frantically trying to plan some amazing party.
We don't find any invitations to her liking and we leave the store with frog and princess invitations, and she is hysterically crying because we did not get the Belle horse to take home.
When we get home Gavin is hungry so I prepare lunch for the kids. Gavin chows,
Kenedy has a few bites. After lunch they play with some toys as I am searching for my address book. Kenedy then clocks Gavin over the head with this huge wooden ship and Gavin starts crying (not the first incident today). I put her in time out and afterword ask her if she is ready for quiet time. It is not even noon yet. I lay her down in bed and head back down stairs. All is well right? Of course not, Kenedy is jumping on the bed singing and has no intention of actually quieting down. At this point it is time for Gavin to take a nap. I lay him down and come down stairs to address invites. Its quiet so I assume they must both be asleep, and then I hear a thud from upstairs. She is now entertaining Gavin on a chair near his crib (no wonder things are momentarily quiet). I scold her and put her down. About 5 minutes later she comes tiptoeing downstairs saying "mommy, I am hungry". I am upset because I have already made and discarded her lunch and now she wants something new. I stomp into the kitchen to make her noodles and as I am stewing over the stove I hear Kenedy quietly singing " I am a Child of God" and playing with her magnets.The song didn't really connect with me until I hear her sweet voice sing " has given me an earthly home with parents kind and dear". (Yeah right, that was not the definition of her mom at this point" I immediately stopped and turned to her as she shyly came to me and hugged my leg.
The last six hours flash quickly through my mind and I am feeling incredibly bad about my parenting skills. And yet she still loves me, and immediately lets my crabby attitude slide. This was just a great reminder to me how
Christ-like children are and how I need to take her example and apply it more fully in my life.
Needless to say she ate everything I made her and then quietly (and happily) laid down for quiet time.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Amazin Race of LIfe

Last weekend I had the
opportunity to attend our stake youth conference with the Mountain Pointe 10 Th ward and I was so thrilled to get to know the kids better throughout the trip.
The theme for this year was "
The Amazing Race of Life" and how hopefully through living righteously and learning that all roads will lead you to the temple and then ultimately "The Celestial Kingdom".
We started this adventure on Friday morning at 8 am. The kids were groggy and not quite sure what to expect. As we divided them into 3 teams and handed out their first clue they immediately felt their competitive juices coming alive. Lisa Henry
(Convert) was our driver and I (The Lady) was the videographer for the Green team. (A special thanks to Lisa and her husband who had Nike sponsor our team with green hats, water bottles, and unlimited amounts of green gum).We were nicknamed by our team as we were filling out a questionnaire at the Church museum and the volunteer told the kids that they could seek help from their leaders if they needed it. One of our boys immediately scoffed and pointed to us and said "Yeah right, look who we have for help, Convert and The lady. We will forever be known to our kids as so.

The race started in Draper where we performed service and cleaned the church building and continued on to Salt Lake where the youth had the opportunity to take a turn in missionary work, and hand out a Pass along card to someone on Main Street. We headed from there up to This is the Place Monument where we had to find certain names and etch them on paper, and then continued to Sugar House Park. Here the kids had to put the book of Mormon books in order, and had lunch as a team (tied together while they made their lunch and ate it). From there it was up to Park City with a few more obstacles, a run down the Alpine slide and later to the park for water and games. To bring the evening to a close we stayed at a gorgeous home in Park city and ate yummy Navajo tacos. As the sun set we sat in the backyard with an incredible view and had a spectacular devotional by the bishop about overcoming trials and how they make us stronger.
The next morning we had breakfast and then tubed the Provo river.

I don't remember the water being so high it was really moving and we had a few mishaps. Everyone came out of it alive thank goodness and we convened at the park for a BBQ and some rest. Our final destination was the "soon-to-be" Draper Temple where we had a speaker bring things to a close.
I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful this weekend was for me. I see the Young Women every Sunday and Wednesday and sometimes more than that. But the thing is I don't get that special one-on-one time with the girls that I had during youth conference. I got to know the girls and boys so much better and I realized what strong individuals they truly are. Sometime I don't think we give them enough credit. We see these 12 and 14 yr olds constantly goofing off and being loud and we automatically think that they don't care about learning. When it comes right down to it these kids are smart. They do listen, even when you are sure they are not. I am so grateful for all that I learned from our youth this trip and for the wonderful light they bring to our ward.
Than you to all those who participated this year and for all the leaders who made this
experience possible.