Friday, August 21, 2009


We have kind of been caught up in a tornado of craziness this past month and want to let you know we are alive and well (sleep-deprived and not showered but happy).
Samantha being the third child has just had been such a joy and blessing to our family and she has been a good sport to go with the flow, because we find ourselves not wanting to sit home or slow down sometimes.
She is definitely her own little personality. she has a cry that is always turned to volume 10! there is no variation or cues that it may be anything in particular its just sheer volume. With that being said she doesn't cry often just when she wants to be heard.
She loves, loves, to be held and we have lots of days of snuggling! The moment I put her down (she is asleep) she immediately opens her eyes wide and starts to stir.
She loves to hear her brother and sisters voices and she will lie still while they hover above her face and speak with her. She is lucky to have Kenedy and Gavin they take such wonderful care of her.
So just a little more about our sweet Samantha Jane, she eats like a champ, and sleeps just as well. She loves the bathroom fan and classical music on while she sleeps and she does not like her arms wrapped in her blanket. She loves to spend time on her tummy and constantly goes cross-eyed. She has long fingers and even longer/bigger feet, I hope the feet thing will slow down and she will grow into them.
I can't believe a month has already swept by and this is just a few of her Firsts....
First girl time with her big sister

First Family night filled with hammock swinging, Book of Mormon stories, Popsicles and wonderful weather.

First sleepover with Brittlyn (who is 3 days older).

First story time.

First Bees Game with friends.

First case of Thrush, with the probability of a few more instances.
The purple dye was put in her mouth as a one time medicine and it wears off in about three days. On the way home from the pediatricians office she kept rubbing her hands on her mouth so the dye spread to her lips and cheeks. Needless to say she looked a little wild for a few days. We love the dye it does the trick so much faster than oral medicine numerous times a day.

First Real Game with the Harris family.

Kenedy's first day of school.
Samantha along for the ride.

First hike up Clarks.

First day at the pool which she slept through, even in 100 degree weather.
We love you Sam and look forward to "OODLES" of more firsts!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This is what a SUCCESSFUL day looks like...

3:00 pm (A little late, but definetly better than NEVER).


Sam's headband also doubles as a Beauty rest mask as well, who knew?