Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wishing for warmer weather...

Where is the Sun?

So sometimes I feel like I shouldn't post anything unless I have something exciting or interesting to say. So I wait and wait, anticipating something blog worthy. And then it hit me... this is my blog and the main reason for it is to document my family's life (as mundane as it may be). So right here and now I vow to blog the little moments, the boring(to everyone but myself) moments and the everyday reality of our life. I wish we were more exciting, or that I was better at taking pictures of my kiddos but it is what it is. Life is busy and I feel that there are not enough hours in a day, so the first thing to go is the blog.

This past week we had a glimpse of spring/summer weather and it rejuvenated me as a parent. I don't feel so uptight and rule bound when we can get outside and adventure. We played our guts out while the sun beat down on us. We thought that winter may have made its way out, only to be slapped in the face once more by major hail storms, rain and snow. So while the sun is hiding here is some things we have been up to:

Visiting the Aquarium and seeing our favorite "nemo" fish

Enjoying a ever changing baby girl who wants to be like her big brother and sister. She turns nine months tomorrow and I can't get enough of her. She is such a blessing to our family and she lights up our day. She doesn't much care for sleep, but who can complain when she is happy when she is awake. She does a wild army crawl (as if her legs do not exist) and is so proud that she can now get around all on her own. She loves to chat and blow bubbles with her brother. She has two fabulous girlfriends Sophia and Brittlynn who love to sunbathe on blankets while the older kiddos scooter around them. Boy does time fly, and I really am enjoying the small moments.

Kenedy started soccer this year and loves every second of it. Even if the first game was cancelled due to snow and the second game was freezing cold and the snow had melted earlier that day. She scored a goal in the net and was so proud (even if it was in her own goal). Lots to learn and more importantly great friends and game treats!!

We enjoy Friday night "movie night" where we eat lots of popcorn and milk duds and stay up as late as we can keep our eyes open.

Making sugar cookies because we are craving something yummy and maybe we are slightly bored. Gavin is super particular and loves to be creative in all aspects of art. Including cookie decorating.

Smiley Samantha is constantly being entertained by Kenedy and Gavin running circles around her. Who needs toys when my siblings with keep me giggling?

She is just barely starting to experiment with food. No, not baby food, real food, she as I have said before refuses bottles and baby food, and has zero teeth but she loves anything we eat and just has to have little pieces. She is sweet and stubborn!!