Sunday, June 7, 2009

All Good things must come to an end...

All good things have to come to an end... at least for NOW!!
This past week was full of Finales with Kenedy's Joy school Graduation and her Final dance performance that she performed up at the University Of Utah.

The night before the actual performance the kids had a dress rehearsal and as I was talking with Garrett and making arrangements to get kids here and there and as we were talking he mentioned the possibility of Kenedy not knowing what to do when on stage and under the spotlight with all of these strange people watching. I think he was trying to warn me that "hey, even if practice goes well, don't be surprised if she freezes or completely forgets what she is doing on the actual night". But as she got on stage she had her game face on, and she CAME ALIVE!!!! I had tears rolling down my eyes during rehearsal because I was laughing so hard. She would shuffle her tap shoes with such enthusiasm that I thought she was going to sweep her feet right out from under her. As she came off stage she said to me " I love being on stage, when can we do the Enchilada"? (Kenedy's word for Finale).

Kenedy with her good friends Addison and Ella after their performance! We are so proud of you girls and all your hard work. She has loved getting together with the girls and just doing what girls do best... Dancing, giggling, dressing up, and being silly!

Kenedy with her Grandma Jo before her dance. She insisted on staying with Grandma until it was time for her to perform and she was so thrilled to have Grandpa, Sadie and Rylee come support her on her big night.

Walking into The Dance building to get ready.

The Joy school Graduation BBQ at Addison's house. It has been really fun to see these special children grow up before our eyes. Even though this year has come to an end we look forward to starting Kindergarten Prep. in the fall and working hard on new and exciting activities. Throughout this whole experience Kenedy has made priceless friendships and learned so many wonderful things from the mothers/teachers of everyone in the group. I wanted to Thank all the moms for putting so much time and effort into the program. I know your lives are busy, crazy, chaotic and at times we are just trying to stay afloat but I know that Kenedy couldn't have had better teachers to guide her through these important times.

The last day of Joy school the children were able to do lots of their favorite activities that they experienced throughout the year. The melting of crayon shavings to make beautiful designs.

Miss Sherrie had the kids mesmerized by a recap of all their favorite song and stories throughout the units.