Monday, November 17, 2008

Park City Fun!

We met up with our good friends last week in Park City for a few days of sleepless nights and endless fun. We enjoyed lots of delicious food, and even more goodies, followed by silly kids chasing each other around the kitchen and manicure sessions instead of naps.
I love Park City because it is close enough to jet on up there, yet far enough removed to feel "AWAY". It was quite chilly up there and the nights on Main Street were a blast. We just bundled up the kiddos and set off on foot (the place we stayed at was right off Main street). We got some dinner and then headed over to a wonderful little book shop located at the back of the Chocolate Factory (TROUBLE)!!!!!

We then went back and got settled in and let the kiddos play while we chatted and started some mean Rock Band. Long after the kids were in bed we were still playing hard and not even close to winding down.

Two pals (Max & Gavin) waiting for some "GRUB" from Noodles in PC.

Endless Rock Band by the Pro's (Jenny & Brian) and chatting until 4:00 in the morning!!

Hey there, Stud Muffins!!!

Manicure session

The girls!! Kenedy is right in the middle of a "Sneeze"

More Rock Band

Kenedy was in heaven with the "littlest pet shop" toys. I think they owned every pet in the collections. thanks girls for letting Kenedy monopolize your toy chest.

Yeah, chocolate milk in my bottle. That is when you know your are on vacation!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We are just getting back into the swing of things here in cold (er) Utah after returning from Beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!!!!! We had such a wonderful time with my brother's and sister's and all of their spouses. I know I posted OODLES of pictures but I wanted to give a glimpse of a bit of everything we did down there. I must say though it wasn't quite the same without Heidi and Marcus (busy having a baby) and Trent and Laura (who were preparing to come out to Utah for the Holidays)! So these pictures are more for my benefit and I am sorry to all of you who get bored of them after the first 20 or so. HAHAHHA!!!!


These girls were in love with Jake and Torah and would not let them leave after sacrament.

Snorkeling and feeling the sting of numerous tiny jelly fish surrounding the boat.

Yes, she looks like my sister but that is my GORGEOUS mom jumping off the boat before the BBQ.
The Clan!

Tiff and Grandpa getting strapped into their para sail.
This was their first para sailing experience and they loved it!
Tenille and Travis enjoying the sunshine.
Some Ultimate Frisbee on the beach.

Jet skiing, each couple had their own and we took every opportunity available to spray and splash anyone who fell off or was at a stop.

Tennis competition and "Around the World"

My darling sis and me!!!!

We found this discreet surfing beach about an hour outside of Cabo and took to the waves.
What a blast!!!

The boys trying not to sink on the "Coby Cat".

Mom and Dad

Tenille and Travis

Waiting for a scrumptious meal.

Nat and Chad and Jake and Torah

What do we do with no kids? Play hard and enjoy some R&R.

Pool volleyball competitions.

The men doing water aerobics with their Ladies.

Many of the ladies fell in love with the guys and paid more attention to them than the instructor.

Tiff and Jessica getting their hair braided.

Garrett and I got in a day earlier than my family so we stayed at this secluded little place on the Pacific side of Cabo.

Mom and Dad thank you for making this vacation possible and putting up with all of us for a whole week. We love you and look forward to the next adventure. By the end of the week we had soaked in enough sun to last us through the cold winter and we were missing the kiddos who were back home with Grandma and Grandpa. Thank you to Garrett's parents who had a crazy week filled with my two kiddos and loving them more than imaginable. We love you!!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Baby London Jade has arrived!!!!

Last night I had the chance to see Heidi, Marcus and their new baby London Jade. We had just arrived in from Mexico and I had forgotton to give Heidi an essential piece of equipment for the electric breast pump. So I rushed over there at about 11:30 p.m. and I got the chance to see this BEAUTIFUL new additon to the Welch clan.
No lie, she is absolutely Gorgeous!!! She is sweet and perfect and I think looks a lot like her dad and then I look again and I say she looks exactly like her mom. Who knows that may change tomorrow and it all depends on who you ask.
I felt so terrible that we were not there for the actual day she came into the world due to a planned trip to Mexico and an early (2 weeks) delivery on London's end. So Heidi, Marcus, and London this is a SHOUT OUT to your beautiful family, we look forward to many more special moments with you and hope that you can all get some much needed R&R and keep her aways from the boys!!!!! She is PERFECT!!!!