Friday, July 24, 2009

And then there were Three...

I awoke on the morning of July 23rd and thought to myself "get your butt out of bed, there is lots to get done today". As I sat up and ran down the list of errands I needed to run I felt as if I had peed my pants. No big deal... shower and get yourself to Costco.
In the back of my mind I was debating whether to tell Garrett that I thought that there may be a possibility that my water may be broken/leaking. So as Garrett was leaving for work I threw it into the air, and he responded immediately with "Go into Dr. Terry first thing this morning and then call me". "No babe, its not my water, besides I have to hit Costco, the grocery store, prepare a meal for Kimra, fold laundry, and have a play date at Grandma Jo's with all of our cousins". I have way too much to do to have my water break.
So off to Costco we went only to receive a follow up phone call from my cute hubby asking me what the Dr. said. " I am at Costco and haven't been in".
As I was loading my vehicle up with groceries and speaking to Garrett my skirt became increasingly wet with each passing minute and I knew I was on my way to have a baby. As we were driving to the hospital I picked up an incoming phone call from Cottonwood hospital confirming my C-section date for Saturday July 25Th. I responded to her with "we are actually on our way to see you right now" and so we began to pre-register over the phone.
Being admitted to have a baby at the new IMC hospital.

My wonderful anesthesiologist Dr. Matthews who made my experience smooth and almost pain free. I would recommend him to ANYONE, and think he deserves a raise for his "Magic Fingers".

My little man giving me loves after Samantha's arrival!!

Sis giving Sam her first bath. Let me just tell you how grateful I am for Kenedy and what a wonderful "Big Helper" she is. She loves this new baby and is so patient and gentle with her. Sam is lucky to have such a great big sister.

The kiddos checking on their new baby sister.
My camera ran out of battery so I will post updated pics. on my next post.
But for now all is well, I feel great, the babe is wonderful and healthy, and we look forward to many new memories with our "NOW" family of Five.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Birthday, Butterflies and Cake!!!!!!

My sweet, sassy Kenedy turned 4 yrs. old this past weekend, and I know that its not true but I swear she grew up overnight. She has been talking about turning four for quite awhile now.

" When I turn four I can help you with the dishes, and hold babies, and stop sucking on my fingers". "When I turn four can I watch Hannah Montana"? She has always been a big helper with her brother and with things around the house but she is putting it into full force.

For Kenedy's birthday we ventured to the Kangaroo Zoo for a fun filled day with some buddies. They played and ate and played some more only to be tuckered out on the drive home. She is quite easy to please and we had a wonderful time.

Thank goodness she is only four we couldn't possibly fit anymore candles into a tiny cupcake.

The birthday girl trying her hand at baseball.

Gavin being one of the big kids doing everything all by himself. And when you offer to help he says "No mommy I do it"!!!! And most of the time he does. Boy is he growing up fast, and he is not even Two.

Kenedy spent a special birthdate with her Grandma Jo. She visited Build-a-Bear where she hoped there would be a stuffed Raccoon (thanks to Nat and Chad) and when there wasn't she picked out a pony that she named Lily. They had some lunch and Grandma bought her a beautiful birthday dress that Kenedy could not wait to wear. Covered in butterflies, because that is her latest craze!!!! Grandma Jo you are the best and we love you so much for how special you make Birthday's!

She opened up a butterfly net and she and her cousin Bo were immediately off finding bugs, grasshoppers, and rolly-pollys.
Kenedy I love you so much and I am truly blessed to be your mom. You remind me of all things that are wonderful and how great it is to be a kid. You have a personality that lights up a room and such a sure sense of confidence that others are drawn to you. Thank you for being my little girl and I look forward to lots more birthdays!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


We spent the 4Th of July up in Farmington with Garrett's family this year and for numerous years I have heard about the Kaysville parade. My brother in-law won't miss it and I couldn't figure it out for the life of me. First of all I am not a parade person. They are early, its already hot outside, they no longer throw candy, and the traffic and people make me antsy. (sorry to be so negative). Well this year was different.... this parade didn't start until 11:00 am, it was overcast and the weather was comfortable, we didn't fight too much traffic or people and this parade throws lots of candy and stuffed animals!!!!!!! And to tell you the truth we don't do these things for ourselves we do it for the kiddos and to see them having so much fun makes every second worth it.
Just waiting for the festivities to begin.

Scott and Easton pointing with excitement as he sees and hears the fire engines coming by.

All the cousins sitting patiently on the curb awaiting some yummy treats and great entertainment.

Inching their way closer and closer into the street to get some candy. At one point Kenedy ran out into the middle of the street and was prying a smooshed taffy off the ground. Getting a little desperate I know.

After the parade and some delicious Cafe Rio we headed back to Grandma Sydney's for some water fun with cousins, a nap, some more BBQ food and fireworks. We went over to Davis High School for fireworks and the kids had fun with sparklers, and glow bracelets before the big show. I had awoken Gavin for the fireworks just as they were beginning and he was not happy about that. He snuggled into me and hid his face the whole time. And just when he thought they were over he would lift himself up, and start to clap only to be stampeded by another round of loud bright bangs in the sky. Sorry buddy maybe next year will be a better year for fireworks.


So ever since those colorful slides have made their way into the sky my kiddos shriek and point "Kowabundabay"!!!!! Long before the water park opened they were entranced by this place. Each time we got on the free way or just headed north Kenedy would say "When will we pass Kowabungabay"? And as soon as those slides came into view she and Gavin would both point and yell. So the time has come and we hit the park with our best buddies, our cousins. The weather was warm and the kids were well rested for a full day of water and EXCITEMENT. When I say kiddos I am not leaving out Jake and Torrah, they are the ring leaders of the group. I think they earned a few crusties and middle fingers by the end of the day by staking out at water guns and squirting innocent bystanders. And I wonder where my kids get their pranking ideas....
Gavin and Jake just refueling!
Grandma Jo enjoying a cozy Sadie Jo. She has the touch that is for sure.

Kenedy trying to jump some water sprayers.

Gavin taking a quick snooze before round two.

Jake and Torrah enjoying a second without our kids piling on top of them and asking them to take them on some more rides. These two are truly the best. The kids eat them up and Jake and Torrah willingly play with them. And I don't mean for five minutes at a time. I mean the whole day. So I am sure my babysitting bill was racked up that day just send it my way.

Jake and Kenedy waiting paitently for the big bucket of water to splash down.

Sadie Jo just chillin in the shade. Look at that smile, you should see it in person she is gorgeous and was so much fun at the water park.

Nash and Gavin playing in the pool.

Raineer 2009

Garrett just completed a climb up Raineer this last month with some friends of his. He is always looking for someone and something to climb and he got invited to do this climb in June. He has done it before and each time is a new experience. He had a great time and I am so proud of him and his dedication and hard work. I love his adventurous side and his passion for the outdoors. Thank you Ben for keeping my hubby warm on the mountain.
Garrett and Ben chillin'.

Look at that view!!!!!

Family Reuinion in Idaho Falls

We recently just returned home from a wonderful getaway to Idaho with Garrett's family. I know what you are thinking when I say Idaho but now let me tell you it was a kids Heaven. This house that was rented out thought of EVERYTHING!!!!!!! There was so much to do right at the house that we rarely left unless we needed more food or supplies. If you did get a little ansty there was the sand dunes 10 min. away, river rafting 30 min. and Jackson Hole an hour and a half away. We were also close to Yellow Stone but we needed nothing more than the house it self to stay completely entertained. Garrett's immediate family was there along with his mom's siblings and their kids. It was such a wonderful week filled with relaxing books, great conversation, INCREDIBLE food, and wonderful memories. This home had it all, it could comfortable sleep 40-50 people, they had converted the garage into a sports court and supplied the room with oodles of bikes, scooters, cones, balls, rackets, and more. There was a slide that went from the living room upstairs to the sports court down stairs as well. They also had fussball pingball, Tennis courts (outside) fire pit, horse shoe games, volleyball, a blue pool, playground, pond for canoeing, etc... I am sure I am leaving something out but it was just amazing. The kids room alone kept the kids entertained. They all slept together on bunks filled with HUGE stacking blocks, magnetic toys, foam balls, slides and more.
Great Grandma Nancy and Peggy playing "Go Fish" with the grandkids.

Nate, Kirk and Gavin in an intense game of Fussball. By intense just look at the concentration of Gavin's face!!!

Late night winding down only to get their second wind before we could put them all to bed.

This room was the Kids Bunk room. It has a blue twisty slide that went from the upstairs down into their room. Then they had these awesome stacking blocks that the kids went wild for. Grandma Sydney, Kenedy and Gavin after the "Igloo" had been built.

Always eating such wonderful food!!!!

Uncle Kirk and Gavin taking a spin on the obstacle course.

When the kiddos go down it was time for the "BIG KIDS" to play. There was some Nascar racing, plently of wipeouts, lots of takeouts, and many more giggles and good memories.

Kenedy and her cousins just posing for a pic. before they head down the slide to their room.

Gavin played lots of tennis, even after stubbing both toes he refused to give in.

Kenedy, Ali, and Gavin cruising on bikes around the yard.

Our bathing beauties catching some rays. This attire became pretty customary as the week went on.

Waterballoon launching that quickly turned into water balloon wars.

Lots of swing time was had during this vacation, and everyone was always willing to push these little tikes on the swings and gliders.


Late night block wars... Can you see who is doing all the instigating?

Dad and Gavin roasting smores before dad headed out to climb raineer the next morning.

It wouldn't be a family reunion without a horse shoe tournament.