Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Everyone loves when aunt Tiff comes to play

It doesn't happen often but when it does all those surrounded by her cheer for joy to get some time to play with her. My sister took the day off to come play with me and the kiddos .We just couldn't get enough of her, she is young, positive and full of energy. I know we are the same age but for some reason she has the energy to chase my kiddos and Tenille's little ones around the park, carry them across the monkey bars, and then help me pack up all the picnic gear. She is such a great sister and wonderful Aunt to my children. Thank you Tiff for taking the time to wrestle with my kids and give me a break.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Little bit of this... and a little bit of That....

This morning I was getting ready to take Kenedy to school and I realized once again I would need to revamp her wardrobe for the day. She wanted a "Thursday" dress that just happened to be sleeveless with sandals. So Mom just added a sweater and a pair of Snow boots to accommodate this CRAZY weather.
Gavin, on the other hand kept beating on the closest door and saying "Hat" and "Boots". He was ready and rearing to stomp down that fresh snow.
Within this last week we have had a whirlwind of a ride, jammed with busy, fun days followed by lazy pajama days. So this is just a quick glimpse of what we have been up to . A little wild and scattered but FUN nonetheless.
You wouldn't know that this picture was taken just 5 days ago when we couldn't get enough of the sunshine and almost 70 degree weather.
Baseball games with neighbors

Lots of picnics outside.
Kenedy was being taught the luge by her friend Talon.
We had a little baby shower for Tenille at Joe's Crab Shack.
Kids included in the baby festivities!

Sadie Jo joined the clan on March 18Th and has been constantly snuggled and loved by all.
We have had lazy Saturday afternoons watching movies (the current favorite is Bolt).
And stay-at-home "Anything goes" Mondays!
We went rock climbing with Garrett's brothers, wife, and girlfriend.
Sorry to Lacey who met us for the first time on such a crazy day. Moments before they arrived Garrett had just gotten home from a weekend climb and I was itchin' to at least get a shower before we headed out. We were a little turned up side down, and I hope we didn't scare you off.
we had a blast and it is such a wonderful place for the kiddos as well.
Nate and Lacey climbing a 5"10.
Nate and Mel keeping a close eye on the ones they love so they don't get dropped. (hehehe)!!
Kenedy getting strapped in and ready to climb.

Climbing the ABC Wall.

Finally, we visited the fish and sting rays at the Aquarium.

We have spent the last week or two with the people we love the most. We also welcomed new little ones and just loved being alive. Even if it snowed the day after a 74 degree park day. We will take it and enjoy every moment.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lets get Updated!!

Pictures say a thousand words!!!!

Kenedy knew it all along. I know every mom has one of these stories but this is mine:

A week before I found out I was pregnant I was down by the garage getting Kenedy's shoes on before we headed out for a morning of errands and she quietly looked at me bending around her to help her with her shoes and said

"mommy, soon you are going to have a baby in your tummy and it is going to be a girl".

All moms know kids say the darndest things, and my child is always saying the most spontaneous of lines.

I didn't think much of it, and we hadn't said anything about possibly adding another special one to the mix, and as I said I didn't even know I was pregnant.

So later that week we went and stayed with some friends of ours and they inquired if we were trying. I told them we were but I didn't want to take a test because I didn't want to see a "NO your not pregnant" sign. But they got me itchin' to know so as soon as we arrived home and Garrett went to work I bought a test and took it. And yes it was POSITIVE!!!!

I wanted to tell Garrett in a fun way for once, instead of always just walking out of the bathroom and showing him the test. So I was going to wait for a few days and think of something totally awesome. But until then I had to tell someone. So I walked out of the bathroom and calmly told Kenedy that I was going to have a baby.

She simply looked at me and said "Yeah, and its going to be a girl"

She has never hesitated or questioned her answer throughout this whole journey. Anytime anyone has asked if she is going to have a baby brother or sister, she quickly replies: Sister. Then she decided she was going to have a baby sister and her name was going to be Blakely.

She originally wanted it to be Gloakly but that is currently her fish's' name so she tweaked it slightly for the arrival of a baby sister.

I still had my doubts and new that its a 50/50 chance and I have been dead wrong on the last two. So I went with Sis's answer and as we sat at ultra sound and she put the cold gel on my stomach we saw this little bundle face down, knees curl up to the nose, and had splayed over the face. I knew at that moment it was a little girl. Kenedy was almost exactly the same way when we were trying to discover her. We actually left our first appointment not being able to get her to cooperate. So we opted for Fetal photo.

To make a long story almost over, we are tremendously excited for a little girl to join our family and I know that Kenedy is going to be an incredible Big Sister to her. Gavin will definitely be a wonderful bro. for her as well if we can get him to acknowledge his own strength before he strangles her in lots of hugs and kisses! We look forward to July changing our lives in so many wonderful ways.


Soon to be a family of 5 (YIKES)!!!!


But until the arrival of our bundle of joy we will keep ourselves occupied with the newest arrival of Andy and Jessica's baby boy Logan Ray.

Along with Logan we have Heidi's little angel London and Tenille's soon-to-be baby girl, and Trent and Laura's baby boy (arriving in May), and my sister Tiffany getting married in June, and lots of special family time with lots of new babies.

So if the blogging gets even more sparse (is that possible)? then it is for a good reason... its called LIFE! I hope to continue to document the little and big things though. It just may be lots of posts, less often.