Sunday, February 3, 2008

In a matter of seconds

To pass some time while I started dinner the other night I got out the finger paints for Kenedy to color. I took her shirt off so she wouldn't get her sleeves dirty. This isn't the first time that Kenedy has painted, and she knows the drill as far as "paper stays on the paper".

I turned around to put some pasta into the pan and as I turned back there was sweet little peanut painting herself. "It feels cold and funny mom!!!" I could not help but laugh when she said that. Its incerdible to see what little things make a child so happy. This being one of those moments where she didn't have to stay clean and she knew that it would come right off.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow day with dad

For all of you who know Garrett he has been as giddy as a school boy this last couple weeks due to the "oodles" of snow we have received. Well "like father like daughter". Kenedy looks out the window each morning and if she sees any snow falling or even a little covering the ground she tells me "now that it is snowing we can go sledding". She loves to help dad shovel, stomp on the snow and most important of all she LOVES to eat it. (Even off the bottom of her boots). Garrett bought her a pair of snow shoes last year (kenedy was 18 mo. old at the time), but he knew that she would eventually grow into them and that he would soon be able to take her out.
So last week he had some time off, and decided it was time to pull out Kenedy's snow shoes. They were still huge but she was thrilled to go out with dad for a little daddy daughter date. I thought she would get a little frusterated and want to quit but she quickly figured out how to manage and she went crazy!!!! She is truly my little thrill seeker and she idolizes her dad! They had a great time and she told me when she got back that she loved her new "skates". This is partially why dad is Kenedy's best friend. Garrett loves to spend time with her, he reads books and more books, takes her to the childrens Museum, plays dress up and tea party, has sneaky ways of getting her to eat her food and have fun at the same time. The list goes on and on. I do think that there is a special bond dads have with their little girls. I am lucky to have such a wonderful husband who can't get enough of his two children.