Thursday, October 30, 2008


So my little man fell off a chair and broke his arm on Wednesday. At exactly (almost) this time last year Kenedy fell of a chair and broke her right arm in the same place. So this incident felt a little bit like "dejavu".
As Garrett and I are getting ready to jet off to Mexico with my family and the kiddos are staying with Grandma and Grandpa this couldn't have happened at a worse time. I was already feeling a little nervous about leaving them behind and this accident didn't ease the tension I was feeling at all.
For those of you who know Gavin know that he is a pretty tough little guy. He falls a lot and bangs his head even more and it doesn't seem to faze him in the slightest. So as his mother I didn't think too much of his fall off the chair until that next morning when he refused to put any weight on his arm or use it AT ALL!!! He fell on his face numerous times in order to protect his arm. That is when I knew that there must be something wrong with him (DUH)!!!! We then spent our day at insta-care and were informed we had to wait a day to get it casted until the swelling went down. So we made an appointment with Shriner's Hospital and made a visit today to the INCREDIBLE staff there who took great care of my kiddo and made his "ouie" all better. From the moment his arm was casted he was off and running... and yes, trying to climb onto another chair. We don't learn very quickly I guess.
This is just a glimpse of what we will be dealing with in the future. (The broken bones thing is definitely a Welch trait). So in the end it looks a little sad to see a baby with a cast on his arm, but I can say that he is the same rough and tough Gavin that we was two days ago, and this little obstacle has not slowed him down in the least.
Gavin sitting paitiently while the doctors finish his cast.
Flashback to last year when Kenedy broke her right arm in the same place as her little brother.
A happy face while playing with the toys at the Hospital!!

The Elevator ride down on our way out!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Welch Halloween Party!

This year the annual Welch Halloween Party had some stiff competition. We anticipate this day and gear up for months for the moment we dress ourselves up and attend a WILD get-together with the people we care about the most. It gives us a chance to break out of our shell (especially my cute hubby) and get creative!
Well accomplished this year by everyone. We ate lots of yummy soup and bread sticks followed by Jessica's Delicious pumpkin and cream cheese frosting cake. I love my family and it is always non-stop laughter when we are together. We can definitely tell when the few are missing, and this year we missed Trent and Laura and their cute family, along with Jake who decided to go on vacation instead. So here are a few clips of our crazy, fun night and we wish you were there with us.
Most of the grand kids (at least those we could round up) trying to smile for yet another picture.

Garrett's best "Tommy Lee" face, I could keep it together and stop my laughing. (Sorry).

"Princess Kitty Cat" and "Turtle" walking in together. Making small talk.

"Frankenstein" and his Gorgeous Wife. Jess made these Fabulous costumes, something that is not a talent in the Welch clan.

This picture says a THOUSAND WORDS!

Mom and Dad... Or is it?

Who's Who?
Chad studied dad for a few weeks trying to get everything just right. His smile, mannerisms, right down to the perfect haircut and glasses.

Posh and her Drop dead Gorgeous Family!!!!

The annual M&M game.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008





Yesterday we spent a fun day at Thanksgiving Point's "Cornbelly's" corn maze. So much to do and only a day to do it. My kiddos had such a great time, and we left still wanting more... MUCH MORE!!!!! There were things to do for all ages, and the roasted corn is DELICIOUS!!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Children make you want to start life over. ~Muhammad Ali

"While we try to teach our children all about life,Our children teach us what life is all about."~Angela Schwindt

Feeding the ducks and learning about the earth.

Kite Flying

This year Kenedy has been participating in Joy School, gand as I send her off and bring her home I am realizing that these three year olds are extremely smart, and independent. It has not only been a growing experience for Kenedy and her imagination but for me as well.
Each month I have the opportunity to teach six wonderful kids. I start preparing at least a week before so that I may know all the necessary songs, and have everything ready for projects. But before this all started I listened to a seminar given by the two founders of this program and as they spoke they mentioned that by participating with Joy School you would become a BETTER PARENT! As I listened I thought "Yah, whatever."I can now testify that this is true. I find myself having more patience, doing more activities that go along with the current curriculum, letting them explore and realize that its OK to make a mess and let them figure things out all on their own. I love this program and would recommend it for anyone considering pre-school or something before preschool.
I know a lot of my Excitement for this program comes from three other FANTASTIC mothers who are incredible teachers as well. Kenedy is in good hands when I send her off, and I know the other moms are invested in their children's growing and advancement.
I look forward to many more teaching experiences and lots of reports from sweet Kenedy telling me all about her days at school. You would be surprised how often past lessons come into play in our life ( i.e. As we are buying apples at the store and Kenedy will say " I made applesauce last week with Miss ... and it was so delicious). She will then proceed to tell me how they made it. Or making fall stew and the vegetable she contributed and peeled for the stew. I Love it!!!! Most of all this program teaches that in all things we can have JOY!!
I feel that we as parents could apply that to our everyday lives!!!

Pumpkin carving and Halloween program prep.

Visit to the corn maze, and pumpkin patch with cousins.

My little man just along for the ride.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Soaked shirts, soggy socks, but spirits not dampened

I am not sure what was going through my mind a little over a week ago when my sister Tiffany offered me a number in the St. George Marathon if I wanted to run it. My first thought was "We can make it a little weekend getaway to somewhere warm"!! My next thought was " I have never ran St. George and from what I hear the course is mainly down hill" not so bad right? So I said yes, and spent the week of not feeling all that great about the upcoming event.

So as we lined up at the starting line it was raining, and cold and I thought to myself "this is better than 90 degree weather, I am sure it won't rain the whole time". (IT DID). We started running in the dark and I felt OK, but as the time went on I realized having youth on my side was not enough alone. Yes, it rained the whole time and I found myself splashing through many puddles. I met a man almost twice my age and we ran together for most of the way. He was shooting for a 3:15 marathon and had to pull away the last three miles. Again I had age on my side but he had experience, training and the mental ability I lacked. I found those last three miles incredibly long but as I ran past mile marker #24 I heard hoots and hollers from the best cheering section I could ask for. My family!!! My mom caught up with me and ran alongside for a little bit to keep me motivated. I didn't get to see Garrett and my kiddos until after I had crossed the finish line and realized we hadn't communicated timing very well. Every time he got to a spot and got the kids out I had already passed. I was so excited to see them there at the end though. I must say it was a good experience but next time I will plan accordingly.

I didn't get to see many others after the race due to cold kids and a cold mama, but Tiff and my cousins Megan, Matt, Shane, and Doug also ran and did incredibly well. They made it look easy and they actually enjoyed the ride. Maybe next time?


"This isn't so bad, only 12 miles to go"

I got a rude awakening 9 miles later when I completely hit the wall.


My star runner met me at the finish line to run along with me!!


Just Glad to be done!


After the marathon Garrett and Travis took the kids to Zions where they hiked around before heading to the priesthood session.




We spent a wonderful weekend with family listening to conference relaxing and of course fitting in some much needed shopping. I will remember in the future that we don't need a marathon for an excuse to escape for the weekend. Thank you to everyone who stood in the rain to see me run for 5 sec.