Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Fun!

Well it has been a nice round-up to end this year! Santa visited our home to drop of some toys for a good little boy and girl. It was our real first Christmas that our kiddos got into it. Kenedy was thrilled to come down the stairs and find that Santa ate her cookies and tomatoes she had set out for him the night before. As she opened each gift, in the middle of opening she would say "I know exactly what this is", and I have always wanted one of these"... she would then continue to unwrap until she actually knew what it was. She is an easy child to please. A few of her favorites this year was: A HUGE stuffed elephant, Kung Fu Panda (the movie), an I-spy quilt made with love from her Grandma Jo, an art easel, and a bunch of blocks she received from her Grandpa (he made them specifically for her). For those of you who know Kenedy she is easily entertained and loves to make her own fun. Lately she finds a large bag and stuffs absolutely everything she can find into it. She then Lugs it to another destinations and reloads those items into a different bag/box. She is such a character and I love to sit and watch her in action.

Giving her Elephant "Lumpy" a huge HUG!!

Taking a break from opening up gifts for a little snack!

Gavin Loving the sword he received, with wrapping paper still attached.

His dump truck that makes lots and lots of sounds.

Sledding with Uncle Andy, who was my work horse. We would haul the kids up the hill, put them into the sled, and then run along side them to make sure they were OK. Only to do it all over again. He is the greatest, and I can't wait for him to have a little boy of his own. He will be a great Dad!!

Gavin gearing up for the next ride!!! Don't touch his goggles or he will get very upset.

The kiddos can't get enough snow time with their Dad!

Don't mind me, I am just chillin here in the back while sis and Dad pull me up the hill.
We enjoyed lots of Christmas parties with friends and family and enjoyed every second we could spend with them. We love our cousins and anytime we go anywhere the question is: Will Bo and Rylee be there? Or Jackson and Easton? We are so grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful people and to be blessed with all that we have. Hopefully next year can even slightly compare to how GRAND this year has already been.
I will have to post some better pics. when I can get them from my sis. She got lots of fabulous shot with her new camera!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Let It Snow!!!

This past weekend we ventured down to Temple square to see the lights. Its funny because we knew we had nothing planned for Saturday and so we thought " yes, we are going to lay low and just relax at home". By 5:00 p.m. we couldn't take it any longer and tried to think of a plan. Salt Lake was a little crazy that night, there was a Christmas concert at the Tabernacle, and a Jazz game so it took us a little minute to find parking. Once we got parked and the kiddos bundled up and into the wagon we were ready. Gavin and Kenedy loved the snow that was falling and constantly stuck their tongue out to catch snow flakes on their tongue. I would have posted a better pic. but we were too cold to stop and take our gloves off to get a picture. So this is as good as is gets this time around. I love this time of year, not only because it is Christmas but I love the cold weather, the snow and getting to bundle up and be out in the cold brisk air. Thank goodness my children share the same view. They can't get enough of the snow and they don't seem to be fazed by the how cold it can get.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pictures with Santa

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

While the Cat is away the Mouse will Play

This morning Kenedy had school and I was trying to get ready right after a shower. When I went on the hunt for Gavin who had gotten out of the shower just minutes before me. I could hear clanking and mixing from their room and I poked my head around the corner to find this:
Gavin doesn't always get a chair when having tea party's with Kenedy because they are reserved for her "special" animal friends or girl friends. So when she is gone he takes every opportunity to get a/both seats for his very own tea party. I was laughing hysterically at this sight. And this isn't the first time he has been caught having a Naked tea party by himself.
He is such a funny little boy!!!

I love Harmons!!!

I always knew I loved Harmons, and I used to drive out of the way to go to one. Until recently we had one open up less than a mile from home. I look forward to shopping there, I know it may be a little pricier but the selection is awesome, the store is clean, and the people are more than friendly. Anytime I am curious about a new item they automatically open/cut open the item so I may sample it before possibly buying it. (and even when I don't buy the product they are always just happy to assist).

Earlier this week I was doing a (HUGE) grocery shopping trip with my two kiddos before we picked Garrett up from work and I thought I could squeeze it all into one hour.

We started off well, Gavin climbed into the front of a car cart and Kenedy sat in the front to help me. We stormed the isles and made it to check-out with about 15 min. to spare. As we were heading out to the exit of the store Kenedy was along side the cart and I was a little bit ahead of her urging her to hurry. I didn't see that she had picked up a delicate glass ornament from the floral section and was running at my heels to show me. As I turned around she tripped (nothing new for us) and fell right on top of the ornament and it shattered. I didn't really know what to do, I was in a hurry, Gavin was securely in the seat of the cart with a load full of groceries... so I ran over to Kenedy and picked her up. She seemed totally fine and I thought we escaped with no injury.
A cute lady from the floral department rushed over to see if all was OK. I told her we could head back to the check out station and pay for the ornament, and she quickly replied "no problem, don't worry about it." She then asked: "Are you bleeding anywhere"? At that moment we looked at her fingers and saw blood. That is when the tears came, at the sight of her own blood. So gently carried Kenedy over to her work station cleaned her finger, gave her a band aid (just her size) and then proceeded to give her a purple flower from a near bouquet. Kenedy being the decisive child that she is quickly pointed to the Large pink one in the corner and said she wanted that one.
We left a few minutes later with a happy child holding a lump of flowers a bandaged finger that was already feeling much better and a baby boy still strapped in his seat at the front of the store entrance not even fazed by our absence.
Harmons has a customer for life. This experience made me feel that they care more for my child than the silly product that they just lost $8 on. They made her wound disappear and gave her a bundle of flowers to make her (heart) feel all better.

Thank you Harmons!!!!

Thankful For...

During all the chaos and cooking, and cleaning, and chatting with wonderful people, and wiping and changing messy kids I try to think of a few things that I am grateful for, and every year my list is the same. It is the people most dear in my life and the moments that we share together that make my "every day" so great.

1. I am thankful for Garrett and what an incredible person he is. In sister Hinkley's book Small and Simple Things she has this to say:

"Try, as husbands and wives, not to be too demanding of one another. There must be a little give and take, a great deal of flexibility, and a fierce loyalty to make a home.

In our relationship Garrett does the giving and little of the taking. He is never demanding and ALWAYS patient. I am truly blessed to have you as my best friend, and hope that I do not widdle your patience too thin. (hehe)!

2. I am thankful for sweet little Gavin who knows how to make others smile and is always full of Joy. He is a simple boy and needs nothing more than loving people surrounding him at all times. And maybe a stick or something to swing around.

(Not much right)?

He has a heart that makes any mother melt (Especially me) and a peace about him that make our home feel full.

3. I am thankful for my Vibrant Peanut who knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it done. She is definitely a first born child and Carry's the specific traits that go along with that (Independent, bossy, decisive, helper) and I am glad that she was my first. She is my little helper in all that I do, she had great ideas and never backs down from something she desires. She can play for hours by herself and never gets bored of it (see below). She is sweet and loving and cares about every ones feelings. She thinks that when I say "Keep an eye on Gavin for a moment" it means: Get him in a head lock and then sit on him until mom returns. Thank goodness Gavin thinks it is pretty funny, seeing that he is bigger than she is.

Princess Kenedy in all her glory!

Kenedy's creative imagination coming out as she makes her Gingerbread house all by herself!!!!!

Just one of her MANY tieing adventures with whatever she can find around the house. I wish my camera had better zoom so you could see the detailed knots and all the material that went into making this work.
This activity is a daily ritual and at the end of the evening it takes me nearly 30 minutes to untie and untangle EVERYTHING!


4. I am thankful for my family and my in-laws for all that they do for us. How much they worry about us, and for how deeply they love my children. I am grateful for having two families that I can turn to for anything.


My family at the Messiah sing- a-long.

5. I am grateful for the Lord and his trusting me to bring another special baby into this world (July 2009). I feel that I am my "best" person when I am being a Mother. I feel like this is "MY" thing. I may not always be the World's greatest mother, or the most patient but I do feel that I am the happiest when I am taking care of these incredibly special kiddos. And I love the way my home feels when there is lots of little feet and voices running around, even if the house is a disaster. So we look forward to the upcoming year and all the excitement it has to bring. (I have a sister who just had a baby, and three more sisters expecting in the spring) so there is going to be LOTS of memorable and crazy moments to come.
As this year comes to an end I will continue to be reminded of things big and small that I am grateful for and I hope to make a note of it, but the things that I have listed are a constant blessing in my life and I hope that I may never take these people for granted.