Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Playing catch-up!!

Since I haven't been the best this past month with anything (especially blogging) I am going to play catch-up and throw a bunch of pics. together with a synopsis of what we have been up to this last month or so. I wish I could say it was filled with vacations or exciting adventures but it mostly consisted of the everyday with wonderfully simple highlights nestled throughout.
In the month of October Kenedy continued to help mom, becoming "mom Jr" which she excelled at reading time, singing time, tummy time supervisor, and just wonderful sister time.
Samantha has come alive and is all smiles and silent giggles!!
Kenedy and Gavin picked pumpkins from Grandpa Jeff's Pumpkin Patch and couldn't wait to carve them. Kenedy designed her own all by herself and had a strong vision of what her little one was to look like. She did a Fantastic job from start to finish. Gavin played a huge role in designing his and later became distracted by the Halloween Charlie Brown show and left Dad to finish up the minor details.

Dad getting Kenedy started on her masterpiece.

Gavin getting his hands nice and slimy. Not sure what to make of the "GUTS" but was dutiful on finishing what he started.

Sam spent "OODLES" of time lounging with her friend Sophia. They are hilarious together and they can't get enough of each other (Or, truth be told the moms can't get enough of hang out time with each other). And yes, Sophia smiles like that continuously.

I got everyday reminders of what a blessing my kiddos are in my life.

Gavin had a birthday and turned 2. Leave it to Aunt Natalie to get him exactly what he wanted... a metal bat. We had to tell Gavin right away that this bat was to be "The outside bat". He is quite a slugger and we knew we would see the evidence of his talent in our walls. So each day Gavin says "mom lets go outside and get my Outside bat and play hit".

Also for Gavin's birthday we stole Grandma away for the afternoon to see "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs" in 3D. My mother-in-law introduced the book to my kiddos a long time ago and they loved it. So when it was produced into a movie we were Super Excited to see it. I was amazed that all the kids kept their glasses on the whole time.
Thank you mom for all your help !

We visited Gardner Village where Kenedy found the costume of her dreams.

These pics. are random and totally out of order but just a little tid-bit of what this past month has been life for us. It has been so much fun to just enjoy the day, not knowing if we will actually make it out of the house or get a shower. We find ourselves enjoying the simpler things.