Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bottle...Baby Food... Cookie?

When I was pregnant with Samantha I wanted nothing more than to be able to nurse her successfully (Without pain, lack of milk, or any other problem that may occur when trying to breastfeed your baby). I remember vividly the moment I met my Precious Sam and as I looked at her face she was sucking, and smacking those lips of hers. I immediately responded "Oh no"! I know, how sad is that.

I was nervous and scared for the pain and frustration that came along with nursing your baby. But I knew I was going to give it my all, and not expect miracles.

Well, needless to say Samantha was a natural and took right to it with no problems. YEAH!!! This is exactly what I had prayed for.
Now six months later she is still/only nursing. I try solid foods and juice in a bottle but she will have no such thing. ABSOLUTELY Not!!!! Just the sight of either sends her into a fit.
So this week Garrett was out of town and she was constantly grabbing for whatever I was eating. As I was eating a cookie she grabbed it and immediately brought it to her mouth.

and this is what I discovered...

A Giddy Sam sucking the bee-jee-bees out of a chocolate cookie.

Duh mom, what is not to love?
So up to this point Samantha solely nurses with a side snack of a cookie, sucker, or pudding. I know I shouldn't be giving her these things but I sometimes cant resist and it is a start to some sort of solid food and not so dependant of Mom. I love you Samantha and you are my precious Angel who knows what she wants.

Friday, January 15, 2010

My Sweet Kenedy .

I was driving in the car a week or so ago, and Kenedy said out of nowhere:

Kenedy: Mom, I don' t want to get baptized

Me: Well, why not?

Kenedy: Just because

Me: Why do you say that?

Kenedy: Just cause mom, I don't want to drown.

Me: (light bulb coming on) Sweetheart you won't drown. Daddy will be there with you, it's a very special day. I then briefly explained to her the process and that she will receive the special gift of the Holy Ghost.

Kenedy: (extremely enthused) I will get a gift? the Holy Ghost?

Kenedy: He is Jesus' friend right?

Me: It is a special gift to help guide you and comfort you...

Kenedy: So Mom as soon as I get baptized and get the gift of the Holy Ghost, Then I become the prophet.


End of Story, not up for negotiation, she quickly decided that she would be baptized and aspire to be the prophet.

This is my Special Kenedy, she is always learning and achieving and full of such a vivid imagination. The things that come out of her mouth are hilarious and honest and thought provoking and I laugh on a daily basis. She makes me smile.
I told myself I would start writing these things down again, because it is so priceless. So I may have oodles of more short post simply stating a conversation or thought that Kenedy said.

I love you sweet Girl and I know that you can be anything you want to be...


We are almost to the end of this week and I must tell you my little Gavin has been a CHAMPION with Potty-training. I wasn't sure if I wanted to venture this route so early but Gavin was showing interest and I decided to make the leap and try. So Monday night for Family Night we made a big deal about him getting to pick his "Big Boy undies" and lots of treats and drinks that were just for him. (Thank you Cortney for all your tips and advice, it totally worked).
He loved feeling like he was the most special boy on the planet. We wore him out and he fell fast asleep clutching his new purchase.
And So the Journey began...

This is how we spent most of our recent days, running "Super Fast" to the potty!

This is my happy Gavin after a Successful trip to the potty and getting his umpteenth treat of the morning!!!!

Buddy we are so proud of you and hope that the days to come continue to go as well as this week has gone. Potty training is definitely wearing on a mom, constantly asking and taking him to the bathroom. Dropping everything in a moments notice to make sure he actually tinkled in the potty.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Where's my string?

A few Sunday's back we were on our way down the stairs to get into the car for church when Gavin said to Garrett " Daddy you got your string"? "Where is my string like yours and Tyler's"?
So as I am racing down the stairs I see Garrett and Gavin making their way back up and into our closet. They then proceeded to tie one of Garrett's ties on my sweet boy. He stood so patiently for his "string" to be fitted " just so"!
Gavin was so excited to be like his daddy and have a string of his own. He wore it proudly throughout church and afterwards as well. For those of you who don't know Gavin, he refuses to wear pants right now and every Sunday its a battle to get him to wear Church attire. So he asks his daddy what he is going to be wearing and as Garrett explains to him that he will be wearing pants, a shirt/ sweater Gavin is quick to then agree to wear pants (because his daddy is). From a mother's stand point it is such a neat thing to experience the bond between father and son. Something as simple as having a tie on like his Dad is a tender moment to witness.

Like Father, Like Son.