Monday, June 28, 2010

All Children LOVE the zoo, it doesn't matter how many times they have been it always feels like it is the first time. Let me just say I thought this zoo trip was awesome. We got there early before it was too hot, along with all the crowds.
Thank you Jessica for the wonderful day out with cousins!

Logan lent Samantha his sunglasses so she could get a good look of Gavin and Kenedy on the Carousel.
Everyone testing our "Chopstick" skills in the Asian exhibit.

Where do you fit in the Gorilla Family?

Jessica, Kenedy and Logan watching the Gorilla play with his blanket before going to sleep in his hammock.

Baby Suri pushing a pine tree (that he had stripped of pine needles earlier that week) as a toy.

Samantha just chillin' like she always does!!! Such a sweet baby!

Jamming with all kinds of instruments.

We were the only two not scared of the creepy elephant sound and the spray of water from his trunk. Maybe next time Kenedy and Gavin will join us.
Ready to go home. See you next time Hogle Zoo!
We love you.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pictures are worth a 1000 words!

So yes, I am addicted to getting (not taking) pics. of my kiddos. I can't seem to take a decent photo to safe my life, so when I need to capture my kiddos personalities I call Syd. She is INCREDIBLE!!!! She is always thinking of new places and inventive poses. My kids love her and she makes it a pain-free and enjoyable experience.
These are just a few pics. from her last session, I will post more when I get a second, not that you are dying to see oodles of pics. of my angels but I love her work, and she is so great and capturing my child's personality!