Tuesday, November 13, 2007


This year Halloween seemed to be a party for the whole month of October. Between Neighborhood parties, family parties, work parties and play group outings Kenedy was able to put her costume to the durability test ( it barely made it to the 31st). She loved being a fairy and practically wore her Magic crown" to bed every night. Gavin got off a little easy this year. I wasn't planning on dressing him in anything, for he was too little to fit into much. As we were getting ready for the neighborhood party I stumbled upon a "red pepper" outfit that belonged to a friend. It fit perfectly and wasn't too uncomfortable for him. He was only tortured for one party and then he made sure to be asleep for all other outings so I wouldn't get him dressed up for the occasion. Here are just a few pictures of our Halloween festivities.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Children's Museum...again.

Quick picture of the Peanut "fix'n" at the Children's Museum. She is not letting her broken arm slow her down.

Life at home

With two little ones around we find ourselves spending our days at home. Sometimes we are able to get ready and others are spent in our comfys . Kenedy has become best friends with Meriam the mermaid and story time has become a favorite family time.

Our new little bundle

The big day had come, September 24th. I wasn't scheduled to be at the hospital until 3:30 that afternoon so we tried to fill the day up with things to make the time pass by a little faster. We enjoyed a mellow morning watching a show with Kenedy and taking her to the park.

As 3:30 approched grandma met up with us to stay with the peanut, I became nervous and emotional hoping everything with the delivery would go smoothly.

The drive to the hospital was quiet and after checking in and getting changed things were quickly underway. I was much more aware of the hustle and bustle of everyone around me. The anesthesiologist was wonderful she was our personal photographer inside the operating room shortly after Gavin was born. This picture was taken right after he was cleaned up and weighed. I was a little out of it because behind the sheet the Dr. is sewing me up and I am also told to say "cheese" for the camera.

Big sister took charge in caring for her new baby brother. She wanted absolutely no help in handling Gavin.