Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Who doesen't Love ice cream for FHE?

So my cute husband planned Family home evening while I got to go for a quick run, and it concluded with a visit to one of my favorite places... Harmon's for some ice cream (Kenedy insisted on Lemon and the whole way there I was almost praying that they had Lemon ice cream because there was no changing her mind). As we walked in and are eyes began to get wide with excitement I realized it wasn't ice cream at all but Gelato. YUMM!!! It is creamier and tastier than any ice cream out there. Yikes I am definitely in trouble because for anyone who knows me knows ice cream is my #1 weakness. Now I have been introduced to Gelato and I can get it right down the street from my home. I told Garrett this summer may be trouble, I will be stopping by daily for a quick cup of my favorite gelato.
Anyway thank goodness they had lemon and it was incredibly refreshing. She insisted on having it in a cone and the cone was HUMONGOUS!! By far the biggest size they had and Kenedy had to have it. As we sat down at the little cafe I couldn't help but reflect on how blessed I am. I have two wonderful kiddos in their Jammie's eating ice cream, an awesome husband who I can not get enough of. And who knew such a simple activity as getting ice cream could bring us all such JOY!!!!! I love my family and it was such a simple family home evening but it was the highlight of my day. Thanks guys!!!