Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Husband Tag

I was tagged by Jessica my darling sister-in-law and I am so excited for everyone to get to know Garrett a little bit better (since he is not always the most informative person).

How long have you been together?
We have been married 5 yrs, in July and dated for about a yr before that.
Who kissed who first?
He kissed me first, but technically the first time he tried to kiss me I turned him down. I wasn't sure why but I did. Right after that he asked me point blank why he couldn't kiss me. All I could say was "because". He couldn't understand why I had denied him.Sorry babe I was such a brat.
Who eats more?
Meal-wise we eat about the same. But when it comes to our midnights snacks He eats about a 1/2-1 bag a chips a night and I can pound 1/2 of a half gallon of ANY kind of ice cream. We have our definite strengths with foods.
Who is taller?
Garrett is. He is "6"0 ft. and I am 5"7"
Who is smarter?
Hands down, Garrett. He is book smart, street smart, number smart. Religion smart, You name it he knows it. He is my personal encyclopedia!
Who is more sensitive?
ME, ME, ME!!!!
Who does the laundry?
That would be me, if I were to ask Garrett to help he would, but I guess I am just a little OCD about the way clothing is folded. (Lame, I know).

Who cooks?
We both do. Anytime he fixes something it is totally yummy! (definitely not healthy) One of his favorite item to make me is egg cheeseburgers!!
Who drives when you two are together?
He does.
Who is more stubborn?
He would probably say me, and I would say he is.
Who has more siblings?
Me, of course (4 sisters, 3 brothers).
Who is more daring?
Me, I am more of a risk taker. But the activities Garrett really enjoys are calculated risks. Such as ice climbing, and mountain climbing etc...
Extra stuff:
Garrett loves absolutely anything outdoors, he loves to read and study, he is an incredible tennis player, skier, climber, husband, father, and friend. He is a wonderful listener and always gives great advice.
He has his Grandma patience's sense of humor. He is never the center of attention at gatherings but out of no where he will say the funniest and wittiest things. Those of you who have been fortunate enough to be sitting next to him in these situations know exactly what I am talking about. Thank you Grandma for passing on that attribute.
He is my best friend and I love spending any possible free time with him and my kids as I can.
Love you Babe!!!!

Joys, Fears, Goals, Current Obsessions, and Random Facts


I find myself enjoying the most simple moments: I love seeing the smile on my children's sleepy faces when they wake up in the morning and want to snuggle in bed with mom and dad with a "warm hot chocolate" aka- chocolate milk.
Watching the love my two kiddos have for each other and the way they make each other so happy. Much more so than I can. Kenedy can do no wrong when it comes to Gavin. She can tackle him and sit on him and he giggles and giggles. They love the attention from one another. (note, she is only 4lbs. heavier than my 8 mo. old).

I absolutely find joy in training for something. Such as a triathlon, marathon, or just getting out for a good hard run in the crisp air. I am much more diligent if I have something to look forward to.
I love dark chocolate, a good book and a cozy blanket. That makes me HAPPY!!! It is kind of rare that I get the chance to soak up a good book and maybe that is why I find that much more enjoyable!!!
I love spending time with Garrett. It doesn't have to be a date or an outing, and sometimes it occurs when we are brushing our teeth and getting ready for bed we try to catch up on how each other is doing. I cherish those special moments.

1. I don't know if I fear too many things, I feel that the things I find myself fearing are completely out of my control. I wouldn't call this a fear but worry.
I worry about my children. Are they happy and healthy? What more can I do to be a better mom, are their needs being met. Those are they things I worry about.

2, I fear snakes, doesn't matter how small or big. I was almost bitten my a rattle snake at Lake Powell when I was young during a rain storm. I couldn't quite get over it. My dad and some other dads went after the snake and after they killed him they fried him up and ate him. "Tastes like chicken" is what I was told.
3. I fear trying something new if I am not really good at it. Most the time I will not try it at all unless I am by myself the first few times or with Garrett. I think I am worried everybody is going to laugh at how funny or uncoordinated I look, or they think to themselves " why on earth is she doing this she is awful at it".


1. To train and complete an Iron man in the next two (maybe 3)years.
2. Learn to play tennis (better).
3. Finish the Book of Mormon this year.
4. to relax and not sweat the small stuff.
5. to get completely ready 6 days a week (sounds silly I know, but I don't always get ready).
6. to compliment the ones I love constantly and let them know how much I love them.

Current Obsessions

1. Pomegranate and dark chocolate ice cream (from Smiths)
2. Taking pictures of absolutely everything
3. making and trying new yummy recipes.
4. Finding new activities or sports to try for the first time.

Random Facts About Me
1. I can't stand the feel of socks next to my bare feet.
2. I can't run on a treadmill unless I have a good book to occupy me
3. I hate taking baths, I am a shower girl all the way
4. I love scary movies but hate them the moment I am done watching them.
5. I love children's clothing I think it is so cute and sometimes wish they would make it in my size.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


This past week I had the opportunity to take a little DREAM getaway to Disneyland With Kenedy, Tenille and her two kids, Grandma Jo, and Jake and Chelsea. I hadn't been to Disneyland in such a long time I didn't quite know what I was in for. I knew that we were mainly going to see the princess', but there was so much more that was in store for us.
At the last minute we decided to pack the kiddos in the car and drive. We told ourselves we were in for a long journey and prepared ourselves to leave Sunday night. We made it to Las Vegas that night and then continued on to California the next morning. I must say the kids were great (thank you to Tenille's DVD players).
We arrived at our hotel and dropped of our things and headed straight to the park. We packed 5 full days of Disneyland and by the end of the week we still hadn't seen everything.
So here is just a recap of some special moments and fun times with the cousins throughout the week.

Tenille, Bo, and Rylee getting a fresh start with the Tea cups.

Passing the time while waiting for Aerial the mermaid with their "Funny Faces".

Is that really my cousin Rylee?

Princess Belle and Princess Aurora

We attended Goofy's kitchen dinner where the kids got to dance, bang pots and pans and be silly with their friends. Did I mention we ate lots and lots of yummy food.

Wednesday- This was our early entry day where we were able to hop right onto any rides we wanted 1 hr. before the park opened. So we hit up our usual Dumbo, Peter pan, tea cups, etc... we also wanted to go Tomorrow land to see buzz and ride his ride, and then venture off to Toontown. Kenedy loved the buzz ride because she got to shoot at anything and everything, and the lights were beaming all around her. We also attended a Jedi training where Boston was chosen to become a Jedi. We were so proud of him and admit it was a little scary to face all those bad guys. We then had lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe where Jake and Chelsea entertained our children while we waited for our meal.
Later that evening we attended the Main Street parade and staked out a great seat so the kids could be up close with all the entertainment.
and Grandma Jo anxiously awaiting the princess' who were making their way in our direction.

When Kenedy met her "Favorite Princess Friend" Belle she was completely start struck. she couldn't stop staring at her. When Belle asked Kenedy what her name was Kenedy simply looked down at her dress and said "Well, I am Belle of course" DUH? She couldn't figure out why Belle would ask such a question didn't she notice her gown?

Cooling off after a lot of walking and playing hard.

By the end of the week our kiddos were showing little signs of wearing down, so we decided to head home to anxious Daddy's awaiting our arrival!!
Thank you Everyone who came for such a wonderful time and even better memories!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Today Garrett and I, along with the kids had the opportunity to partake in the
Susan G. Koman's "Race for the Cure".

This was such a great way to start out the weekend and support those fighting or who have fought breast cancer. It was INCREDIBLE to see how many people attended this event. Most who attended the race were those who were there running for a loved one, or MANY loved ones . A mother, Grandmother, sister, or aunt the list went on and it made me realize how precious life is and how shortly your life can completely change.
I thought once the race started we would be able to speed up to a jog and the pack would spread out, but due to so many participants the pack was tight and steady the whole 3.2 miles. So we decided to let Kenedy get out and run. Needless to say she loved it (who knows, she may someday be our little track star!!). We would run from one runner who had a dog asking if we could pet their cute "teeny tiny puppy". This event was truly enjoyable for people of all ages, (included pets).
Upon finishing the race we ventured to all the sponsors booths sampling lots of yummy snacks and goodies. WE ARE SO PROUD OF ALL OF YOU COURAGEOUS WOMEN !!!!!
Thank you Eunie Piper!!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008


We had the opportunity this weekend to attend the Famous "Williams" Egg hunt. I know what you are thinking (Easter was a while ago) but this hunt was a little delayed due to some busy spring schedules and fun traveling that came about. Needless to say this event could not be canceled, just postponed momentarily. I'll call it...

I have never seen anything like this egg hunt. Let me tell you, so much time, preparation, sweat, late nights, and love go into this event and it always has a spectacular turn out.
This year there was over 1800 eggs hidden all around the yard. (This picture shows less than half of all eggs that were filled and then put out).

The kids anxiously awaited instructions, until the little ones could no longer wait. (literally). I am speaking of my child, I started chatting with my sister and I had already told Kenedy numerous times that she is not to pick up the eggs until told otherwise, and I turn around a few minutes later to see little Kenedy trotting up the hill with a basket plump full of colorful eggs. As she walked up to me with a huge smile on her face she said "mom, I found lots of sparkly eggs".
All the other children that were waiting patiently started to point and get upset that they had been so obedient and yet there was someone getting a head start of the egg hunt (Sorry, kids).
As the hunt officially started the kids filled their baskets full of all sizes and colors of eggs. Long after their baskets were filled and they were exhausted of searching there were still eggs to be had. Shortly after the hunt we had some delicious grub, and emptied our eggs of candy.

Then it was time for the horse rides with Palamino and Pokey (the horses). They were such good sports to entertain a bunch of rambunctious children running around hollering for a turn to make their lap around the arena. At times if the horses were not available Kenedy seriously considered taking one of the cows for a ride.
By now you would think the night has been a complete success and there isn't much more we could possibly accomplish in one night... but no, Marilynn had a bunch of Fish pinatas full of even more candy for the kids to break open.

Marilyn helping Kenedy get a good wind-up for hitting the Fish.

Pandemonium erupts as the Fish in broken and the kids dive to the ground to retrieve more candy.

For the little Tikes there was Bull riding for anyone up to the challenge.
Great job Gavi
We had such a blast at this annual event and I truly recognize how blessed we are to have such wonderful family and friends. I wanted to thank Marilyn and her family and friends for putting on a fantastic party!!! We appreciate all your hard work.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
My children always remember this egg hunt and look forward to the upcoming year of excitement.