Monday, March 17, 2008

Two Peas in a Pod

I have yet to find two friends who have so much in common and can play make believe for hours. Kenedy, up until a little while ago only associated with boys. (Not necessarily by choice, but because they were the only ones in the neighborhood, nursery, and family remotely close to her age).
Well, ALL THAT HAS CHANGED!!! Her favorite "Princess" friend Addison is as obsessed with Disney and princess dress-ups as Kenedy. I did not thing that was at all possible. It has truly been fun to see these two interact and play in their own little world.

When they decorate their own cupcakes its all SPRINKLES, SPRINKLES, and more SPRINKLES!!!!
(Did I mention sprinkles)?
Just enjoying a tea party at the Princess dance ball!!! Consisting of rice and cheese and crackers. YUM!!!!!

These two couldn't get enough bouncin' at the Kangaroo Zoo. Needless to say they took great naps shortly after leaving.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

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My Favorite Food:
This is a "no brainer" for me. SUSHI, SUSHI, SUSHI. Takashi is my favorite restaurant and I refuse to venture elsewhere for this food. I know it sound snobby to be so devoted to a restaurant but once you try this place you will never go anywhere else. I don't go there extremely often but whenever I have a choice, Birthday, or special occasion you can bet that Sushi is what I want.

One thing I can't live without:

Running, it is the one thing that keeps me sane. It is the one thing that is all mine, and nobody can interrupt me. (selfish, I know) I started by doing marathons and I do think that those are rewarding. Until two summers ago when I was introduced to triathalons. I absolutely love the atmosphere of this sport. Its a little more light hearted, the people are a blast to be around and everyone is there to improve themselves. I also love the transition periods. The swim-bike-run just adds enough variety to keep it interesting and is so much more fun to train for. I was preggo last summer so I didn't get to continue deeper into it so I hope to get back into it a bit more seriously this season.

I truly love Utah and feel that it is the perfect place to live and raise a family.

Don't get me wrong I am sure there are many georgeous places around the world but Utah is the place for me and my family. The four seasons have so much to offer. Just when I am getting burned out of summer the leaves change and I get to gear up for fall.

Another reason this place is for me is year round there is OODLES of outdoor activities to do. I am lucky to have a husband who loves to do absolutely everything (you name it he loves to do it). Whether its rock climbing, ice climbing, skiing, camping, biking, running, boating, we love it all. (Sad to say our kids have no chance but to love it).

One Thing I will do before I die:

I say "before I die" becuase its obviously not in the cards in the near future due to being in the throws of children. But I would love to at some point attend Culinary school and then go on to open up my own little shop/cafe. I don't know if it will be soley a pastry place or cuisine that is yet to be decided. I just love to know what makes things taste a certain way and would love to learn how to tweek ANY recipe to my liking. I am definetly OBSESSED with the presentation and making the food look pretty.

Guilty Pleasures-

Dark Chocolate- I love it! Anytime I am baking and a recipe calls for chocolate/chips no matter what they recommend I always use Dark Chocolate ( I also double the amount). YUM!!!!!

I also secretly like Dr. Phil. I may not get to watch it all that often but when I do I find myself glued to the television. I love to see him tell people exactly what they are doing wrong. He is blunt, bold and sometimes comes off as unsympathetic but he gets the message through to his guests. ( I do think he has wonderful advice for parents and their children).

My one claim to fame:

I was a nanny in New York after I graduated High School. I had been out there for a little over a year and was getting ready to come home when my bishop in the Manhattan singles ward asked me if I would like to dog sit for a friend of his (who was an actor). I didn't know who he was at the time, and I thought "why not". So I interviewed with him later that same week. He was such a nice guy, we chatted casually about his dog "Dirty" and his daily routine. He briefly mentioned he was an actor and was shooting a film in London and didn't want to put his pride and joy in a kennel. Aaron completely downplayed his status. After taking a walk with Dirty and getting a rundown of his apartment he offered me the job. It was the greatest job I have ever had. His dog was extremely obedient and was known around Soho so he was allowed into cafes and restaurants. I took him everywhere I went. I basically got to stay in his loft and stroll around the city with his dog for great $$$$$. Too bad it was short lived(just a couple of months). When he returned from shooting his film he asked if I could do it again in the future but it was too random and sporadic to continue. It was great while it lasted.

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