Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our little ski bunny

So for those of you who know Garrett know how much he loves the snow. We have been talking all winter about taking Kenedy skiing but we couldn't decide who got to go with her (Gavin doesn't love the snow or wind so someone needed to stay with him).
Garrett decided to take her up last Saturday to Alta's "Free after three". If you are not familiar with this Alta allows anyone to come and ski free from 3:00-4:00 p.m. She loved it. Putting her skis on, riding the chair lift (a little scary) and then "skating" down the hill. She thought it was the coolest thing EVER!!!! Not just because she was skiing but it also gave her some special dad time. They ate snow, rolled down the hill and just relaxed.

  • This little event was just a glimpse of many more skiing days to come!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Here's to you... GAVIN

I was looking back on some of my older posts and I came to the realization that most of my blog entry's consist of what Kenedy is doing in her life. She is my busy body and there is always something to "show and tell" with her, but I wanted to tell you about my little man Gavin. He is just over six months old and he is my "CHUNKY MONKEY"!!!!!!!!

Just a little about my sweet boy:
*He outweighs all of his friends who were all born weeks and months before him.

* He has big blue eyes and rosy cheeks.

*His pants are always too long but have to be worn with the first button undone because of his large girth.

*He loves music, especially classical. Whenever he hears it he immediately stops whatever he is doing and just listens.

*His fav. food is bananas and sweet potatoes

*He is an incredible sleeper and has always loved his beauty rest.

*He hates the wind and cold regardless of how bundled up he is.

*He loves his face rubbed and finds it extremely soothing. (He takes after his mother).

*He loves hats and has a weakness for them. (maybe that is my fault)?
*His best friend is Kenedy (hands down).

* He sleeps burrowed down on his right side

*He loves bubbles, it doesn't matter who is blowing them.

*He loves ALL the Disney princess movies (Thank you Sis).

*He loves to be tickled and try's his hardest to hold it in until he finally explodes with laughter.

*His most ticklish area is underneath chin and thighs and sides (hahahha).

*He has a huge smile with dimples.

*His fav. time of day is anytime

*He has an outy belly button

*He loves more than anything to be Naked.

*His fav. toy is Kenedy's dress-up beads and a Caterpillar.

*He doesn't look much like Mom or Dad.
*He loves to stare at ceiling fans and neon lights at the food court at the mall.

*He loves to chew on his toes.

*He loves to be squeezed so tight that it almost knocks the wind out of him.

Gavin is such a happy baby who loves his food and even more than food he loves people. Most mothers would think when it's time to put your baby down for a nap that you would then take them to their quiet room and lay them in their cozy crib. Not Gavin, if there is a party or get-together going on, or just an ordinary day at home and its time for nap he wants to be apart of it. So all you need to do is put him in his car seat, wrap a blanket close to his face amidst the chaos and he immediately goes to sleep. (Crazy, I know) but he just loves being around people.
Gavin has the biggest smile (with dimples) and a big heart. He worries, and anytime his Sis is sad or hurt he begins to cry. Kenedy personally has to tell him she is OK. He is so sensitive that I sometimes worry that he will need his sassy big sister to defend him when he gets older.

He lights up my morning, noon, and night (and sometimes middle of the night). He will smile at me and laugh when I am making a fool of myself even when he doesn't think I'm all that funny just so I don't think my efforts went unnoticed.

He Loves the tub. A few weeks ago Garrett was giving Kenedy a tub and while she was bathing he brought Gavin into the bathroom to change him into his pajamas. The moment he heard the water going and his clothes were being taken off he started kicking and squealing. Garrett didn't think much of it and continued to change his diaper and put a onsie on. As he was doing this Gavin went from completely ECSTATIC to FUSSING and then into a FULL BLOW CRY. He could not figure out what his deal was. Garrett took off his clothes and he started to clam down, then he took his diaper off and placed him in the tub (2ND one of the day) and Gavin just grinned from ear to ear and started splashing. So now we know for future situations don't take him into the bathroom with a tub full of water unless you intend on putting him in it.

As I think about how happy my two kiddos make me it is hard to imagine that not so long ago we were just a family of three. And for a moment right before I had Gavin I could not imagine loving someone as much as my first child. Boy was I proven wrong. I love them both completely and differently. I am so grateful for the opportunity the Lord gave me to be a mother. I could not ask for a better calling. Now that I have two children and I see how happy they make me maybe I can have a dozen more... JUST KIDDING. But I do know that two is not the end of this family. I hope to have a few more. I love you Gavin and Kenedy.

Trying to get both kids to smile in the same photo is near impossible.

I just found a basket full of candy and I hope

Kenedy will sneak me a few licks before mom and dad see.