Friday, March 12, 2010

Olypmic whirlwind

Well I wanted to wait and post this segment on our trip to Vancouver when I could get the best pics. and a well scripted story.
Where does the time go???
We got back and we were thrown right back into the swing of "Real Life". Bummer, I just want to go back and relive that special moment for Torah in slow motion.
Roxy threw Torah a Fabulous party at the Country club after winning the Gold and Lucky us, we were able to join the crew for a wonderful night out. Full of wonderful food, even better company and some WILD lessons in Curling. It got pretty intense.

We all know who is #1...

Heidi, Samantha and I enjoying the warm weather and some incredible snowboarding preliminaries.

Garrett and Sam enjoying the Olympic vibe and shopping in downtown Vancouver.

Wonderful Samantha in the middle of the "All day event" getting ready for a little snooze.


Torah and Us relaxing before her evening runs. Isn't she such a babe!!!!!
I wanted to just get some of these up before it gets even further behind.
I will post the details as soon as I can so I don't forget what a once in a life time experience it was.
Along with some incredible pics. from my sisters camera and Casey's as well.