Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Gavin!!!

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!

Gavin you make my heart flutter, the way you dig at my neck and nuzzle your head into my shoulder when you know I am about to put you down for a nap. The way you make everyone around you light up with that beautiful smile. Your excitement of food, or any package that could possibly be something remotely edible. Rocks or dirt are sometimes the snack of choice in our household when Gavin has control. You make me laugh when you maul sis in hopes that she will not get upset and instead make you laugh like nobody else can!!! We are truly blessed to have you in our life and I hope you know how much we all love you!!! I look forward to many more special moments with you.

Getting Birthday "Loves" from his best friend and Sister!

For Gavin's Birthday we went to the Circus with Tenille and her family, and of course our Special Grandma Jo!! Before Gavin even entered the arena he started bouncing hysterically and clapping. Needless to say he enjoyed every bit of the circus (at least every bit that he was awake for).

He is making a mental note on how to make the biggest mess and eat it too. Moments later he dug into his cake with a fork (how proper). We were hoping for a little big more dramatics!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

For anyone missing us!!!

When your computer is down and you go without Internet for a few weeks you feel completely disconnected to the outside world. Yes, I do get out and do things but I truly missed seeing everyone and there cute families. I am loving the blogging world for giving me the opportunity to feel like I can keep up on how friends and loved ones are doing. So I know that we probably went slightly unnoticed but for me you didn't.
I am happy to say that the problem should be fixed shortly and until then I will have to use Garrett's laptop. I will now stop chatting and quickly update you on a few things we have been up to:


We have been soaking in as much outside time as possible before it turns cold on us.


Such as Beez games.



A fantastic Ice cream social where new friends were made and great food was eaten!! (a big thanks to Kenedy for putting flyer's on every one's doors).


Trying to see how many children can possibly fit into the jeep, with a new driver behind the wheel. She then took the jeep and ran straight into the ice cream stand. Just a little more practice and I think she's got it.


Mingling with new faces.


The kiddos in Kenedy's school class enjoying every moment of learning!


Roasting Hot dogs and Mellows with good friends.


Even better than roasting the food is eating the end product.


I am sure there are many things I left out but if I don't post something now I am sure to forget many more wonderful moments we have experienced the last couple of weeks. I get a little sad to realize that summer is ending but I am sure there are lots of new adventures to look forward to. I hope all of you and your families are doing well!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mr. Clean

Yesterday I was spraying out the car seats and stroller (something I hate doing, but had plenty of time on my hands to do) and Gavin was outside playing while I got started. I turned around to see him dabbling in my bowl of soapy water and I didn't think much of it. He was just clapping the suds between his fingers and flailing his arms. So I went back to spraying... not even 30 seconds later I turn around and this...


Playfully dabbling in the bubbly water!


After drinking the soap and water and wishing there was more.

He had literally drank the bowl of soap, spilling little. I know his eyes look like he was crying but don't be fooled he rubbed his eyes and then continued to look into the bowl hoping more suds would magically appear. I just kind of looked at him and waited for him to start gagging or spitting up due to the soap, and HE DIDN'T!
After realizing that there was no more to drink he continued on his way to the dirt filled with rocks.
Again I waited the evening out expecting a sick tummy or upset child and still NOTHING!!! So this was an eye opener that my little Gavin is tougher than I ever realized and effected by very little and I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First day of School

So I know Kenedy is only three, but this morning I could have sworn she was almost eight or nine yrs. old. As she dressed herself (hence the Cinderella sweats) she began to tell me that she needed to pack her backpack and put her shoes on for school.
As we arrived at school she handed off her carpet matt (that she decorated the previous week)to her teacher, and you could definitely tell she was the only girl. Her Matt was decked with sparkles and gems while the other boys had animals and cars, and dice painted on theirs. As we made our way inside she didn't even hesitate leaving my side (SHOCKER) and could barely brake away to say goodbye. I thought that this day would be a little bit harder on her than me, boy was I wrong. So off she went for a day of activities, lesson, and snacks.
As I picked her up and asked her about what she did at school she said:

-- How was your first day at school?

** Good, really cool!

-- Tell me what you learned today.

** I put crayons on a paper and Casey folded it, she ironed the paper and it got smushed, and then we opened it and it was so Lovely!!! We had snack....

-- What did you have for snack?

** I had fruit snacks, along with yummy Oreos.

-- Sounds like you had a great day.

** Yep, mom can we go to school right now again?

I take it this year is going to be a great experience for my precious Kenedy. She has not stopped talking about school and since she has been home she insists on doing absolutely everything herself. I don't know what Casey taught her today but I could swear that she came home at least three years older than her age. It makes me a little sad that she is so grown up. She is still in my mind this little peanut. I guess at some point mom needs to let go and see what blossoms (Easier said than done).