Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fun filled week in review.

Jared Leto and his Magenta Mohawk.

Last weekend we had a great couple of great days before Garrett had to go to Seattle for work.
For those who don't know Garrett, he loves his music and he loves going to concerts. It is something I didn't do a lot until I met him and now I truly love doing this with him. So it's fun to surprise him with tickets, or it is an easy date to plan when you have a band that is coming to concert and you know he will absolutely love it. This time, he surprised me with tickets to see "30 seconds to Mars". They were playing at the Rail and it was a new venue for us. We were lucky enough to get Natalie to babysit our liter of kiddos while we pretended for a night we were young and hip (we don't pretend so well). We were well out of our league. But we didn't care in the least. We had a FABULOUS time giggling and singing.
I don't know if Jared Leto was feeling under the weather or just friendly but I must say it was BY FAR the most interactive concert I have ever been to. He crowd surfed while singing, walked throughout the crowd in another song, stopped singing simply to chat with us, and had people constantly on stage with him. It was so much fun!!!!! They may not be the best band live, but they sure know how to put on a show, for a small venue.
Thanks babe!!

Rewind to earlier that day.... The Famous Easter Eggstravaganza at the Williams. My kiddos were able to replenish their depleted candy supply and ride horses with cousins and friends. Not to mention ALL the YUMMY food. For those little ones who could not fend for them self in the egg hunt they got to enjoy an egg bath. So simple and yet they loved hanging out in the egg bucket after the eggs had been emptied of their treasures.

Gavin was so impressed with his stash of treats.

Who knew buckets could entertain and babysit all at the same time.

These two little kiddos kept my bed cozy and warm while dad was away.

These two have such a special friendship. Gavin is always looking after her. It has been so much fun to witness.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Girls Night Out!

So it is funny that I am posting this because I just read Meg's blog which had a lot of the same feelings that I have been feeling about "MY SWEET KENEDY".
She is my first born, she was easy as a baby, an even easier, and happy child and the Perfect big sister to Gavin and Samantha. I too have realized that she is the one who I am always expecting the most from, forgetting that she is only four. She is to always be good, act appropriately, help with brother and sister, pick up and give brother whatever will make him happy (even if she was playing with it first).
Garrett and I have been trying to take each one of the kiddos out for an evening with just one of us. A Daddy daughter date, or a Mother daughter date. Garrett took Kenedy to Boondocks last month and it is a moment she still talks about. Well I decided it was my turn to enjoy Kenedy one-on -one. To have her as my buddy and not just a child. I got to just talk with her and the things that come out of her mouth are incredible and funny. She is smart, curious, and full of laughter. She is more mature than a mere four year old which makes me sad and proud all at the same time.
We decided to get pedicures together. As we walked into the salon she immediately took charge. She walked over to the wall of paint colors and immediately knew what she wanted. Red and Green alternating to "make an A..B.. pattern (thank you New Castle, she has her patterns down). Then, a sweet lady escorted her over to a chair where she had her fingernails painted.
Kenedy looked so grown up and was quite comfortable making conversation with those around her. She then joined me and we had our toes done. She wanted us to have the same (A/B) pattern just different colors. So she decided I would be Purple and Green with flowers on my toes, while she was Red and Green with flowers. It was so much fun to see her giggle as she tried to enjoy a chair massage, to see her ask her neighboring friend what color she was having her toes painted and then complimenting her on the "Cool Pink color".
To telling the sweet lady doing her toes that she didn't like that flower and she wanted a jewel in the center.
We left there with gleaming toes, hungry tummy's and special memories. We then zipped through Wendy's for a hamburger, MINUS- french fries because they are too big (Adult Fries/ not McDonald's).
Kenedy is so helpful to me, constantly asking if she can help me with the dishes, letting me know when Gavin is doing something he isn't supposed to be doing, carrying lil' sis around pretending that she is her baby doll. She listens when I ask her to listen, she is so sweet, and kind to all those around her and I just wanted to tell her how proud I am of whom she has become (thus far)!!! I sometimes wonder who raised you? it couldn't have been me, I feel that you learned far more and better than I presented to you, and you are wise beyond your years. Thank you for continually teaching me the important things, and reminding me of how blessed I am. YOU are my blessing, and I hope that I can live up to the kind of Mother you deserve.
Love You Sis!
I love you kenedy

Kenedy's fingers and toes all painted up!

The Girlie's Toes/


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Easily Attached

Last week as I was getting ready to send my two kiddos to their Aunt and Uncle's house while I headed to St. George to watch some friends compete in the Iron Man I picked up a new travel toothbrush for Kenedy and gavin. Mainly because it came with a travel toothpaste and I didn't want to send the big tube.
I also
feel that you can never have too many toothbrushes (Often I find them in the tub and it has become the latest paint brush). Therefore I like to have a few extra on hand. As we returned from the store
Gavin immediately asked for his new toothbrush and refused to let it go. He slept with it that night, and took it along with him all day. And as I have been told this yellow and blue toothbrush became his little sidekick all weekend. Who knew? Such a simple thing could become the latest "MUST HAVE AT ALL TIMES" item.

When I returned home from St. George and began unpacking the bags Gavin unzipped the compartment and gathered up all the toothbrushes he had packed. I think he had 9 or 10 total. He wanted to use them all on his teeth. I can at least say its not too bad of a habit to love toothbrushes as long as he will put them to good cleaning use on that darling smile of his. (Which he does). I am continually surprised at the things my children find interesting.

While Kenedy and Gavin were in Logan with Kirk and Mel, Sam and I headed down to St.George for a weekend of cheering.
Garrett and I enjoy triathalons and we find ourselves watching the Kona Ironman on Sunday afternoons on channel 5-2. It seems to always be the same year that they replay over and over and by the end of it I am crying. I know lame right? but its true, I see these incredible people of all ages attempting to push their bodies to the limit. They have trained, they are old and young, big and small. For some it is their first attempt, and others they are well into their double digits of finishing ironmans (one lady in particular was in her 70's and the only one in her age group). There isn't a particular stereotype just sheer drive and dedication. It has always been something we have talked about doing, but is still just talk. We are hard pressed to find the time and complete drive (just yet) to commit. But this year is St. George first year of holding a Kona qualifying Iron man. So Sam and I were the cheering squad for those who didn't just talk the talk they walked it and they signed up and trained faithfully for this moment and it was INCREDIBLE!!!
Just like you see on TV. Just as emotional, I think I cried for more strangers than I care to admit. For those who ran through the finish line with tears running down their faces, with family by their side, for those who finished in pain and some who decided they could no longer continue. it was such a blast and I loved cheering friends and family on. Congratulations to all those who completed it, you are amazing.
We came home feeling the bug and wondering if it could be possible.
we will have to see....