Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Fancy Five

My Independent, Sweet Kenedy turned 5 last week. We were in Idaho for a little family getaway and decided to celebrate her birthday. She had asked her Grandma Sydney for a "Fancy Nancy: costume from the Bonjour Butterfly book. She couldn't wait to receive this gift and let me tell you Grandma does not disappoint.
Kenedy refused to take it off all night, she walked around posing for everyone who looked her way.
Special things that you need to know about my Five year old kenedy:
*She is obedient
*A good big sister who "pretends" to marry her brother every time he asks (which is every few minutes).
*Artistic - She draws much better than her mommy EVER could
*impeccable memory
*Fantastic reader
*Loves to Sing
*Love running through sprinklers, and anything that has to do with water.
*Loves butterflies and bugs
* Write the best letters to her friends and then hand delivers them.
*Is growing her hair out just so she can be like her Aunt Natalie.
She is determined
*A natural athlete
* An average food order from her consists of: Fruit, carrots, cucumbers, salad, and chocolate chips.
*She loves to play games, dress-ups, and hide and seek.
*She says the best prayers, and never forgets to bless her friends and family.
*She will only wear dress, and each dress has an assigned day of the week.
She named our neighbors three new puppies Coco, Sprinkles, and Theodore (of course, because he is the chubby one".
Kenedy is so full of life and has an old soul. She is such a blessing in my life and I am so grateful to be her mom. She is continually teaching me new things, and how we should treat others. I love her imagination and her self-confidence.
Thank you sweet pea for you being you!!
Happy 5Th Birthday

Fabulous and Fancy!

Leaving her mark any where she can.
Love you Sis.