Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The pot on the right used to contain two flowers...

Mmmm tastes pretty good!!!!

Kenedy and Gavin stirring up some Porridge for Bolt.

Who knew that you give your kids some water and let them dump into sand and that they would be happy FOREVER!!! (duh). Well after we returned home from the library I let Kenedy and Gavin out back so sis could plant a few of her flowers. She mentioned she needed some water to feed the flowers and the next thing I know they are making porridge for Bolt.
I should have remembered that this kind of activity is sheer Joy to all children. I have numerous memories of all of us in the backyard with the hose in hand and we are letting it run streams and rivers through the sand box. I too, vividly remember how much we loved it. We couldn't get enough of making mud. So on a much smaller scale an activity that brings endless fun and a nice dirty tub to my two wonderful kiddos. We will have to try this again
(when its a little warmer and I can hose you off outside)!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our weekend Adventure!

This past weekend we had the opprotunity to have a weekend sleepover with Kenedy and Gavin's best friends Addie and Elle. So I thought I would share a little bit of our adventures and craziness!!!
The pics. are random but here is just a glimpse... so bare with me:
We ate Granma's famous apple pancakes and Apple Cider syrup!!!
Cute Elle smiling as she continually did all weekend.

We visited the Petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point and thought the little Piggies were so Cute!

Grandma Sydney and Sister-in-law Stephanie made Easter Sugar cookies for the kids to decorate on Sunday after dinner. The two boys ate fistfuls of candy while Kenedy and Addie delicately decorated their cookies.

Feeding the cows at the petting zoo Kenedy said "WOW, mom they sure have long tongues".

Kenedy and Addie ready to head to church. Crazily enough with two additional kids we were 15 min. early to church. GO FIGURE?

Gavin loved having Elle as a napping buddy. Sometimes I wouldn't realize they were awake and go in to check on them and they would both be standing up in their beds chatting with each other.

The kids wanted to use their new cookie cutters Cortney had given them, so we made some more cookies.

Just enjoying some morning milk together.

Getting the wiggles out at the Kangaroo Zoo.

Gavin loves this big slide. It is the first one he pointed to and he really gets cookin' down it.

Riding some Ponies.

Addie rode a cute horse name "Missy".

Gavin wasn't the least big hesitant to feed the animals. At one point I looked over and he was trying to squeeze through the side fence into their cage. Even after getting his hand nibbled on by a llama.

Thank you for the Yummy Skittles!

We packed up a picnic dinner for a night at the park. To top it off Kenedy asked Garrett to accompany them on one last slide train.

We couldn't ask for better friends and more enjoyable company. I was surprised when I saw Addie today after school that she still thought we were kind of fun and wanted to come play. I thought she would be so worn out of us by now.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Fun!

Spring Break Fun!!!

Kenedy showing off her Easter "Egg" dress.

Family softball practice, getting ready for the upcoming season!!!! YEAH.

Two eggs is enough for me. One for each hand.

Phew, my basket is so full, I need your help mom.

Warming up after the Easter festivities!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Can it be fixed?

Aunt Mel was so great to try and fix the catastrophe that happened earlier that day. We were up at my in-laws for Mel's birthday and she took the time to try and cut some bangs. Kenedy sat very still and didn't know what to make of her newly cropped bangs. She just kept pushing them aside and saying she had hair in her face and she didn't like it.
I will post a pic. of the finished product when I get a second. It really could have been so much worse. And Kenedy looks cute with bangs, as long as she keeps them in place (which realistically lasts for about 30 sec. after being curled).

Grandma trying to keep Kenedy still while we tried to blend blunt cut to the sides of her hair.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

There is a FIRST for everything!!!!!

I wish I could say that this "First" was an exciting one, but it was exactly the opposite. We started off this morning with a yummy breakfast of "chocolate oatmeal"/malt-o-meal and a play date with our friend Sloan. These two girls play incredibly well together and I have little worries when they are together.
They were dolled up as Hannah Montana and Belle and were furiously taking their "Bolt's" dog for a walk. So I was not concerned when they disappeared upstairs for a while and sat down to listen to conference. About 15 min. later I walked upstairs to change the laundry and check in on the girls. That is when I poked my head into the bathroom and found the two of them sporting numerous baby bows and headbands. As I stepped a little further in I noticed some scissors and lots of fine blond hair. Followed by some dark strands.

I instinctively scoured the bathroom for the barbie doll that just got a bob hairdo and found no sign of her As I slowly became aware of what had actually occurred and started to peel off the head bands and bows, I found that Kenedy was the one who went from a bob haircut to a pixie.

I truly thought to myself I have safely made it past the point in her life where there is constant worry in the cutting of one's hair. She is almost four years old and she knew very well there are only a select few aloud to hold scissors to her hair (Mom not included).

As I frantically call Garrett to quickly vent before I freaked out, he simply said
" It happens to everyone, just take a picture".
So as a mother am I just overreacting? I thought I handled the situation very well, but those people I spoke to just shortly after this tragedy just laughed and brushed it off as if to say "GET OVER IT".

So as Heather had said on her blog a while back: as her child was throwing up all over himself she took a picture and promised that you will later laugh at it. So that is what I did.

And I am still not laughing.... Nope, not yet.... Ask me in a few weeks or months when we are in the throws of growing out her newly cropped bangs and hating every second of it. We Maudsley's have no hair as is, and it takes FOREVER to grow. Not to mention Easter is next week and I sort of wanted a picture of the whole family. Guess that won't be happening either.

You can't tell in this picture the total damage but I promise if I were to turn her sideways you would see the blunt cut and missing chunks along with her stylish bangs . Maybe Aunt Mel can fix it tonight? So until then... Breathe.