Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello Again, I'm back..

(Sorry, these pics. are in no particular order and do not follow chronologically).
Wheeler Farm Pumpkin Patch

My five yr. old is now in Kindergarten and thinks she is 15.

St. George Marathon 2010

Kimra looking fresh and ready to go!!!
No words necessary.

30 Seconds to Mars

I Am Beautiful Fashion Show.

My sweet Gavin turned 3. Sad to say this was by far the best pic. I got of the day.

Disney Parade ending our first night at the Most Magical place on earth.

Gavin wasn't so interested in Belle, he has just finished having a lengthy conversation with Snow White about her red cape. He proceeded to tell her that they had matching capes and that she was the most awesome princess of all because of the cape.

My Grandfather passes away doing what he loves (Golfing).

At the Graveside of Carl Dea.

It has been quite a crazy couple of months, and again I keep waiting for things to slow down so I can simply sit down and post on my blog. Yet as time goes by and more adventures pass, I get discouraged about posting, and I don't feel like I should post if I get chronological out of order.
In August: A few highlights-
*Everyone of my kiddos had Dr. checkups
* My Grandma got married
* Bees games
*Temple sessions
*First day of kindergarten for my oldest child Kenedy
She refused to let me take pics. of her at the bus stop, asked me not to come to the school to walk her in, because she could do it all on her own, acted like she was 5 going on 15. Makes me a little sad to see how much she has grown up. But extremely happy at the same time to realize that she is self-confident and independent.

* Park City
*College football begins
* Rylee is baptized
* Went on a whim to St.George/ Disneyland with some good friend and didn't tell the kiddos until we pulled into the Disney parking lot. We had a wonderful time and Kenedy and Gavin loved the rides.
* My sweet Gavin turns 3. Finally I feel like he has been three for "three yrs. or more already". We felt quite accomplished by reaching this mile marker. Fabulous party at Kangaroo Zoo.
*Participated in a Fashion show for Breast Cancer put on by the "I am Beautiful" salon.
*Went to 30 Seconds to Mars with my Hubby and he snuck us into INCREDIBLE seats.
Love this band.
*Got a new V.T. partner and actually went visiting teaching. I am terrible at this and am trying to turn over a new leaf. So far so good.
Thank you Sara!!
*Had lunch with great friends.
* Volunteered at Kenedy's school.

October: (up to this point)
* Ran the St. George Marathon with my good friend and had a great time doing it. I am so proud of Kimra. It was a hot one.
* My sweet Grandfather passed away and we relived what we love so much about this great man.
* Wheeler farm for Pumpkin picking, hay rides, and corn mazes.