Monday, August 16, 2010

All dogs go to Heaven...

So my friend asked me last week if we would "puppy sit" her Yorkie dogs while she was in Montana and we jumped at the chance.
I looked at the "empty calender week" and thought to myself "this will be perfect, I won't need to plan anything because the kiddos will be quite content playing and taking care of three little pups and their mom.
Well it is day #2 and my kiddos wake up pinning for these cute puppies. They are so attentive and sweet when handling them and they can't get enough of these little fur balls.
I have wondered as I put the puppies back in their crate and they immediately snuggle up to go to sleep if we have worn them out TOO MUCH??
Needless to say my children have been so happy and obedient because of the puppy situation that I truly do believe : ALL DOG GO TO HEAVEN... for how happy they make children.


Lissy Sarvela said...

Oh man...they are SO cute!!! How fun for your kids and what a great mom and friend you are (because we all know it's you that does the work part of it). :)

Megan Andersen said...

Oh, I am thee biggest sucker for puppies!!! I would take them in a heart beat!! I bet you & your kiddos had fun lovin' on them all week!