Tuesday, July 26, 2011


My thought as school was wrapping up this year and we were gearing up for summer was this: " I can't wait to have a low key, chill summer with my kiddos". BREATHE... it has not been chill or low key, but it has been a ROCKIN summer! Lots of pics and a brief explanation. (Good luck trying to follow).
My brother and his cute family came into town for most of the summer and that initiated a whirlwind of activities. Starting with BB Q's, tennis, camp-outs in the backyard, Flowrider, Cowabunda Bay, pool days, park days, any excuse to get together and play games, Cars 2, Kung Fu Panda 2, Whinnie the pooh, pedicures, wedding (Tiff and Brandon) 3 Babies added to the family and more that I can't think of right now.

Gavin waiting for the bucket to drop at Cowabunga.

Gavin and Uncle Jake

Cole and Nash were constantly racing down the cold slides! All smiles.
Garrett's Sister and her family also came into town and added lots of activities to the calender as well. Cherry Hill is always a must, where we ate lots of food, played in the water, accumulated a broken clavicle, and continued to be happily sleep deprived.
We blessed our sweet boy Drew. Great grandma Nancy put him right to sleep while waiting for a special fathers blessing.
This is as good as it gets when it comes to attempting to take a half decent family photo. OH WELL.
Gavin and his cousins Nash and Cole played on a T-Ball league and learned a lot.... that fielding can be boring and sometimes requires a chip break mid inning, treats and trophies are the best part of each game. and lots of laughing with the best of friends.
After getting run over at Cherry hill and breaking her collar bone, we found that it did not slow this fire cracker down at all, she was a trooper and complained very little.
My oldest daughter, Kenedy turned six and requested breakfast in bed "like mommy and daddy get on their special days". I asked her what she would like me to make her for her special day and she quickly replied " Cereal". She is that easy to make happy. I can't believe it has been six years since she changed our world (FOR THE BEST)! we love having her in our family and she is a great example and big sister to her siblings,
Cousins at the Lindon aquatic center. Our new favorite pool. Clean, fun, extremely kids friendly and cheap. Topped off with a snow cone.

Grandma Jo holding our babies and the babies taking full advantage of her one on one time.
Warming up on the hot cement. Boy does that bring up memories !
The faces of a successful summer day!
Hot dog roasting with Grandpa Mike.
Celebrating Kenedy and Jaxon's Birthday up and Grandma Sydneys house.
Birthday candles and a warm up treat before the deluxe birthday cake Steph made and oodles of ice cream options.
Kenedy received a bird house kit for her birthday. She painted it and then we purchased some bird seed to fill the house with. She was so excited and pleased with the finished product. This pic. says a thousand words.

Sadie and Sam enjoying some lunch before round two at the pool.
The kiddos watching in fascination of Uncle Marcus on the Flow Rider.
Bees game.
London walked down the row and was giving out hugs and kisses to all... whether you wanted one or not she was sharing the love.
Samantha turned two and was so excited to have her special day where we could focus completely on her. She couldn't wait to open up gifts.
Samantha ready for a birthday date with her grandma JO.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Yes it is true, at this point in my life it takes something MONUMENTAL to find time to post on my blog. Sad to admit but in all reality it is the truth.
Well on April 27Th 2011 Mr. Sweet pants
Drew Stephen Maudsley
joined our family weighing in at 7lb. 3oz and 21 inches long.
When we initially found out we were expecting #4 I thought to myself I wonder if I can go the whole time and not finding out the gender, I had my doubts and it was a pretty half hearted thought at the time. But then when I mentioned the idea to Garrett he kind of laughed and said something to the effect of "Yeah, right that will never happen, you can barely wait the 20wks. for the ultra sound". So the game was on, I was determined not to find out and once I made up my mind it was not hard to wait for a little surprise baby. I had two ultra sounds throughout the pregnancy and both times the nurse asked if I would like to know and it truly never once crossed my mind to say "YES".
So I was elated when Dr. Terry pulled this sweet human being (who I could not see) and was crying, and my sweet husband simultaneously leaning down and whispering to me that it was a boy!!!!!! Gavin is no longer out numbered and can be the big brother that he so badly wanted to be to another BOY!

Drew 8 days old

Trying to get a picture of four children where they are all smiling and looking at the camera is nearly impossible.

Story time with dad, Plus 1.

Mom meeting Mr. Sweet-pants for the very first time. And boy did I think he was cute or what? He doesn't cry hardly ever, he is just mellow, sweet and calm. We are truly blessed to have this little one join our clan.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello Again, I'm back..

(Sorry, these pics. are in no particular order and do not follow chronologically).
Wheeler Farm Pumpkin Patch

My five yr. old is now in Kindergarten and thinks she is 15.

St. George Marathon 2010

Kimra looking fresh and ready to go!!!
No words necessary.

30 Seconds to Mars

I Am Beautiful Fashion Show.

My sweet Gavin turned 3. Sad to say this was by far the best pic. I got of the day.

Disney Parade ending our first night at the Most Magical place on earth.

Gavin wasn't so interested in Belle, he has just finished having a lengthy conversation with Snow White about her red cape. He proceeded to tell her that they had matching capes and that she was the most awesome princess of all because of the cape.

My Grandfather passes away doing what he loves (Golfing).

At the Graveside of Carl Dea.

It has been quite a crazy couple of months, and again I keep waiting for things to slow down so I can simply sit down and post on my blog. Yet as time goes by and more adventures pass, I get discouraged about posting, and I don't feel like I should post if I get chronological out of order.
In August: A few highlights-
*Everyone of my kiddos had Dr. checkups
* My Grandma got married
* Bees games
*Temple sessions
*First day of kindergarten for my oldest child Kenedy
She refused to let me take pics. of her at the bus stop, asked me not to come to the school to walk her in, because she could do it all on her own, acted like she was 5 going on 15. Makes me a little sad to see how much she has grown up. But extremely happy at the same time to realize that she is self-confident and independent.

* Park City
*College football begins
* Rylee is baptized
* Went on a whim to St.George/ Disneyland with some good friend and didn't tell the kiddos until we pulled into the Disney parking lot. We had a wonderful time and Kenedy and Gavin loved the rides.
* My sweet Gavin turns 3. Finally I feel like he has been three for "three yrs. or more already". We felt quite accomplished by reaching this mile marker. Fabulous party at Kangaroo Zoo.
*Participated in a Fashion show for Breast Cancer put on by the "I am Beautiful" salon.
*Went to 30 Seconds to Mars with my Hubby and he snuck us into INCREDIBLE seats.
Love this band.
*Got a new V.T. partner and actually went visiting teaching. I am terrible at this and am trying to turn over a new leaf. So far so good.
Thank you Sara!!
*Had lunch with great friends.
* Volunteered at Kenedy's school.

October: (up to this point)
* Ran the St. George Marathon with my good friend and had a great time doing it. I am so proud of Kimra. It was a hot one.
* My sweet Grandfather passed away and we relived what we love so much about this great man.
* Wheeler farm for Pumpkin picking, hay rides, and corn mazes.

Monday, August 16, 2010

All dogs go to Heaven...

So my friend asked me last week if we would "puppy sit" her Yorkie dogs while she was in Montana and we jumped at the chance.
I looked at the "empty calender week" and thought to myself "this will be perfect, I won't need to plan anything because the kiddos will be quite content playing and taking care of three little pups and their mom.
Well it is day #2 and my kiddos wake up pinning for these cute puppies. They are so attentive and sweet when handling them and they can't get enough of these little fur balls.
I have wondered as I put the puppies back in their crate and they immediately snuggle up to go to sleep if we have worn them out TOO MUCH??
Needless to say my children have been so happy and obedient because of the puppy situation that I truly do believe : ALL DOG GO TO HEAVEN... for how happy they make children.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Samantha Jane turns 1!!

Happy Birthday Samantha Jane
July 23, 2010

Where does the time go?
I feel like summer has just begun and we have already had one birthday one anniversary, Camp Alma, Girls Camp, youth conference, Holidays, and now my sweet Sam turned one.

She is such a joy and blessing to our family. She loves to think that she is "BIG", as she totes behind her older sister and brother. She has a teasing personality and is also sweet and mellow until you cross her (don't think about taking a toy/treat from this child). And then she pushes and squeals until she gets her point across.
She has ZERO teeth, Yes NONE!
But that hasn't stopped her from eating everything her heart desires. Right now her favorite things to eat are:
She never grew accustomed to baby food and would rather starve than actually eat any of it. So at a young age she ate table food. And has never looked back.
She loves to snuggle and give hugs and kisses.
She loves the water and can't find even the smallest puddle to dabble in.
She has gorgeous brown eyes and incredibly long eyelashes.
She is dainty and sweet with a side of spice.
We love her so much and have enjoyed seeing her grow. She is the only one of my children who doesn't need a nap.
She likes to tease her mom and dad and she is determined only when she decides it is something she wants to do.
I can't wait to see what this next year brings.
Love you Samantha!!

Cowabunga Bay!
She loves corn on the cob.
She loves to smile for the camera.